16th Anniversary of CORE Therapy & Pilates Serving Austin | Austin Physical Therapy | Austin Pilates

 Welcome, It's CORE Therapy & Pilates,

It's Stephen and Cheryl and today is our 16th anniversary at CORE Therapy and Pilates, as far as being open.

No, but…

It’s not our anniversary. We’re a few years behind that.

It’s our anniversary at this location.

So, we’ve been here 16 years, tax day. And when we first moved in into this space, we didn’t even have enough equipment to fill it.

We only had one Gyrotonic machine, we had four Pilate’s machines and we definitely did not have enough equipment for the space.

Now, we got two spaces. It’s completely socially distance.

We have all of our GYROTONIC equipment’s socially distance, we have all of our Pilates equipment’s in the back socially distance. And with that said, we’re gonna offer a special discount today.

So, for the first five people that call or text in, we’re gonna offer you 16% off in light of our 16 years here. Out of anything you wanna purchase. Whether it’s a private session, a ten pack, a five pack, a session with Stephen.

Anything we offer, we’re gonna offer you 16% off. So, go ahead. Call or text course number, 512-215-4227

That’s right, that’s right. And so, we really wanna thank each and every one of you who’ve been a part of helping us grow this business in this time. We know it’s been a crazy year. Last year when we celebrated this, it was at home with no one at the office.

And today, we had people here this morning. And  we’re empty now but it was such a nice feeling to have people in the studio. 

Exercising, getting healthy, getting back to their lives and doing the things that they love. And we’re really grateful for each and every one of you who’ve been a part of helping us grow and we wanna thank you from the bottom of our hearts.