What is GYROTONIC® Exercise? GYROTONIC® Machine?

So, what is the hype about GYROTONIC® and this funny looking machine?

For the best health and wellness tips, subscribe to my channel and click on the bell. So what is GYROTONIC® and this interesting looking machine?

By the end of this video, I’ll answer those questions and I hope you’ll have a better understanding of what is GYROTONIC® and what it can do for you.

I’m Cheryl Dunn. I’m a master trainer of GYROTONIC® here at CORE Therapy and Pilates at Austin Texas. I helped hundreds of people reach their goals to become more active and more fit and just feel better through GYROTONIC®.

So, what is GYROTONIC®? And what is this crazy machine?

So GYROTONIC® exercise is a form of exercise that incorporates the whole body.

This machine has this handle system that really allows your body to move in 360. To where there’s no beginning and no end to a movement. You’re just moving to a full range. To really build strength and flexibility and increase blood flow and oxygen flow throughout the body.

There’s also a pulley system here. That you would hook your hands or your feat in. And by having a pulley system that you can hook on to, I can really see the body work in its own side by side.

You know, if one side tends to move a little bit more than the other, the pulley system really allows that. It also allows for an equal distribution of the weight throughout the movement.

So, the system and the machine are very unique and super beneficial to help you build strength and flexibility and just help you feel better all over.

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