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What People Say About CORE Therapy and Pilates...

Jennifer Jennifer, Mid 60s, West Lake Hills

I have been coming to Stephen Dunn for therapy and for classes for over 10 years. When I first came to Stephen, my doctor sent me here because of lower back pain. And it took him 10 minutes to look at me and diagnose scoliosis, when my doctor had never seen it. I went back to the doctor, got an x-ray of my spine, and of course it did have scoliosis. We worked really hard and I've made great strides. And started to go in to pilates, and gyrotonic, gyrokinesis classes. I feel like I'm in better physical shape than I've ever been, so I can highly recommend him. *

Dugie Dugie, Early 60s, West Lake Hills

I first had significant neck pain and went to see an orthopedic doctor over 20 years ago. I would go through therapy, I would do whatever it was, eight weeks, ten weeks. Try to keep it up at home. And then in another few months it would get bad again. I tried massage for years. Some chiropractic. The thing that has helped me the absolute most is being here at CORE Therapy. This is like medicine to me. This is my prescription for my well-being. This is my maintenance for my happiness, my health, my comfort, my well-being. Come and let them work with you so that you'll be better. You'll be stronger, you'll have better posture, better comfort. I highly recommend that you come in here. *

* Although treatment has worked well for some of our clients, we can not guarantee these results for all patients.

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