Pilates: The EASIEST Way To Boost Our Immunity

Pilates The EASIEST Way To Boost Our Immunity

Pilates is an exercise method that really focuses on connecting our mind with our own body. But today I would like to talk about this exercise method from a different perspective which is how it helps us to boost our own immune system.  We all know that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the whole world tremendously.…

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Pilates For Teens: Four Week Summer Camp at CORE Therapy and Pilates

Pilates For Teens Four Week Summer Camp at CORE Therapy and Pilates

Hi everybody! We’re doing a Pilates for Teens class here at CORE. We’re starting it on July 10th. It’s going to be every Friday at 3 p.m. for 4 weeks in a row starting July 10th. We’re only going to have six students in there so that we can really focus and start to teach…

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COVID-19 Week 4 CORE Update… Virtual Pilates, Telehealth Physical Therapy, Videos On Demand Available!

Week 4 Covid-19 Check In. Virtual Pilates, Telehealth Physical Therapy, Videos on Demand (BQ)

Text us at 512-902-8794 for immediate response… Click here to schedule on MindBody…  Hey guys, what’s up CORE family? It’s Stephen Dunn, just reaching out today on this Tuesday morning to say hi. I just wanted to check in with everyone to see how you’re doing during your quarantine, during your stay at home time.…

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Dynamic Stretching versus Static Stretching. Tips and Tricks from CORE Therapy and Pilates

Hi everybody! Recently I’ve been asked what is the difference between dynamic and static stretches and which one is the better one to use. And so I want to explain a little bit about the two. Dynamic stretch functions through movement. We’re using movement to achieve that stretch and a dynamic stretch involves more than…

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What is Pilates? Pilates Is… Pilates Is Not… Do Pilates at CORE Therapy and Pilates

Hey guys! What’s up CORE family? It’s Stephen Dunn with CORE Therapy and Pilates and today I just wanted to go over something that I read in a book recently that I think it’s very appropriate to kind of summarize what Pilates is, as well as what Pilates is not, and so I’m going to…

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Tips for Chronic Pain from our Pilates Instructor at CORE Therapy & Pilates

Hey guys! It’s Megan and I wanted to share with you today some tips for dealing with chronic pain. We are getting into that cold rainy season where we’re not moving as much, we’re not getting enough as much sunlight, we’ve got high-stress levels and these are all things that can contribute to chronic pain…

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How To Make A Parasetter Foam Roller With A Pool Noodle

Hi, everybody, have you been to the studio recently? You have probably worked with us on the parasetter and experienced this particular type of foam roller. And if not, then I definitely suggest come in and get on it. The benefits that it provides is that because it has this ridge in the center when…

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Meet Robin, Pilates Instructor and Client Services Specialist at CORE Therapy & Pilates

[Stephen]: Who is Robin? Robin is one of our new Pilates instructors. She has been working with us for a short time now. And she is also helping us out upfront as one of our client services reps. I want to introduce her to our audience. I know many of you have met her. Have…

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CORE Therapy and Pilates Offers New Classical Pilates Pilates Reformer Classes with Dr Andy Tseng

Hello, CORE Family. I hope you guys are doing well. Today, I would like to give you guys some updates about our course schedules. Starting on Monday’s and Friday’s at 8 AM we will have a new classical pilates class. And starting at 10 AM on Friday, I will be taking over Cheryl’s reformer class…

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Is Pilates For Men?

Often times, we see many different classes offered at our gyms—Yoga, spinning, Barre, aerobics, boxing, etc. Pilates classes are also commonly seen. But we often hear this question, “Is Pilates for men?” We see almost 90% of the students in a Pilates class are females, so it is not hard to see where this myth…

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