What Is Out Of Network Physical Therapy? Out Of Network Billing at CORE Therapy and Pilates

What is out of network billing?

Okay, I wanna go over that for physical therapy. What is out of network billing for physical therapy?

So, my name is Stephen Dunn, I’m the owner of CORE Therapy & Pilates in Austin Texas.

And I’ve just sent out an email and I got a few responses already with people asking questions. So, I want to go on and do a video to answer the questions and I get some more specific information out there.

So, the question is what is out of network billing? Or, do you take interns? Are you accepting interns now?

And this is gonna be… I’m talking about private interns. So, we’re not talking about Medicare. Yes, we are taking Medicare now but this is private interns. So, if you have private interns and you have out of network benefits that is what we will be dealing with.

Now, how does this work and what does this mean? And what does it look like for a customer? I’m gonna give you my experience with my dentist cause I think it’s the easiest way to sum it up.

When I go see my dentist, I give them 200 dollars. At some point, maybe three weeks to a month later, I get… I’m only aware from a hundred to a hundred and twenty dollars back as a reimbursement from my insurance company.

So, that’s kind of the same idea. We will still be collecting money at front and getting paid at front but we will handle everything. Verifying your insurance to see what your benefits are.

We will then bill your insurance. And if let’s say you have not met your deductible, then that money will go toward your deductible. That credit will go toward your deductible.

If you have met your deductible, then you will get some money back and it will typically take about three to four weeks. So, that is out of network billing. Alright?

So, you come in for physical therapy. You pay us for the service. We provide… We don’t provide you with anything for you to do, we do it all for you. So, we handle all the billing for you.

But again, if you do not have out of network benefits, then it doesn’t matter. So, if you have in network benefits only, then this would not be applicable to you. So, and how will we know that? We’ll get your insurance information.

We get your name. Some basic information on your card, your ID number, the phone number, things like that. And we’ll call and check for you, we’ll find out. It’ll take us a couple of days to get… To find that information but we can find that information within forty-eight hours and then let you know.

Alright, you have this amount of in network deductible left, we have this amount of out of network deductible left and they will pay this amount once you get that deductible met. So, we’ll be an actual compare, going to an in network facility versus our out of network facility as well.

So, just wanted to go over that. I hope that make sense. Again, it was an immediate couple of email responses I got from my email that I sent out earlier today.

Would you take my insurance? Well, it depends on if you have out of network benefits. So, the best thing for you people to do is call, it’s 512-215-4227.

And talk to Alina on the phone. And give her some basic information and we can find that out for you. Start moving forward with billing out of network for you. So, I hope that helps and I look forward to seeing you at the studio really soon guys. Y’all take care and have a fantastic day.