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The Paper Challenge - A Fitness Challenge with Cheryl Dunn and Kathy Trow. Cheryl and Kathy are Certified Pilates and GYROTONIC®  Instructors attempting the Paper Challenge on their lunch break at CORE Therapy & Pilates…

Laughter leads to curiosity

I was hearing some commotion around the corner during lunch at the studio and I was very interested in the laughter. I walked around the corner to find this happening… The paper challenge!

the paper challenge image 1

Cheryl was standing on one leg and trying to pick up a piece of paper off the floor with her mouth. I was confused and Kathy mentioned it was a social media challenge that her kids had taught her.

the paper challenge image 2

I then watched Cheryl and Kathy attempt two different levels of the paper challenge and was thoroughly impressed with the activity. My physical therapist brain kicked in as I was watching them lose their balance and Cheryl fell…

How do you do the paper challenge?

The paper challenge is a great test of balance, strength, mobility and coordination. Standing on one leg is a challenge for many people, even if just a for a second or two.

Then you must have the ankle strength and mobility to allow you to initiate and maintain the bend forward from the hip and spine. Core strength is tested as this is truly a dynamic balance activity. And it was fun to watch with the camera in hand.

Why is it important?

Most that try this will not be able to do it and it should not be attempted if you have balance issues.

What was interesting to me was to watch both Cheryl and Kathy start to rotate their spine and twist as they were getting really close to the paper. When Kathy switched legs, did it make it easier or harder for her?

Well, that is the paper challenge social media challenge coming to you from the lunch break at CORE Therapy & Pilates in Westlake Hills | Austin, Texas.

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Check out the video that got Cheryl and Kathy going HERE.

Co-Owner, PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, Certified GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Instructor, GYROTONIC® Master Trainer at CORE Therapy and Pilates
Cheryl completed her Pilates certification in 2002 then her Level 1 GYROTONIC® certification while working with Madeline Black at Studio M in Sonoma, CA.Since moving to Austin to 2004, Cheryl has become level 2 GYROTONIC® trained as well as assisted Madeline in teaching Pilates education courses from California to New Orleans. In 2009 she completed her GYROKINESIS® certification in Germany with Juliu Horvath, certifications on the specialized GYROTONIC® Archway, Leg Extension Unit, Gyrotoner and Jump Stretch Board, as well as becoming a Certified GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer. Cheryl completed a Pilates mentor program in 2011 with Madeline Black offered by Balance Body University coined "Passing the Torch" and in the summer of 2011, Cheryl and Stephen launched a Pilates Teacher Training Program at CORE. Cheryl passed her PMA Exam and has studied the GYROTONIC® Therapeutic Application courses with German Physiotherapist Paul Horvath and Uwe Herbsreit. In 2014, Cheryl completed the requirments to become a GYROTONIC® Master Trainer and is now able to teach the GYROTONIC® Level 1 Foundation Courses as well as all updates for current certified GYROTONIC® trainers.
Cheryl Dunn