Vertigo and Dizziness Treatment

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What treatment options are available for vertigo and dizziness? 

In my last video, I went over the differences between dizziness and vertigo. By the end of this, you will have a better understanding of the treatment options for both dizziness and vertigo.

I am Dr. Danny Masters, I'm a Physical Therapist and I can't wait to help you get over your vertigo and dizziness.

So what are some common treatment options for dizziness? 

Depending on the type or cause of your dizziness, there are several different treatment options. Some common treatment options that doctors may use are changing medications or using different medications, depending on having dizziness as a side effect from other current medications but then they also may prescribe different medications to help kind of improve to help improve the symptoms that you're having. 

While some of the treatment options that a PT will do, including me, will be retraining your body to adjust to positional changes or changes in blood flow or blood pressure along with increasing your strength and working on balance exercises as well.

What are some common treatments for vertigo?

This also depends on what is causing your vertigo. It could be from your vestibular system, which is in your inner ear, that helps with balance or it also could be caused by your central nervous system. Some common treatments that your doctor may use include medic, use of medications, flushing your inner ear, or in some cases even surgery.

While PTs will use different exercises to retrain your vestibular system or central nervous system including your head and eye movements. Exercises for gaze stability, habituation, which means retraining your body to adjust to different positions or motions and then also utilizing different balance exercises. 

PTs are also trained to perform certain maneuvers to help with BPPV which is a type of vertigo caused by benign proximal positional vertigo which is your vertigo is caused by different positions of your head and so then those are followed up by home exercises to continue to manage your symptoms after the maneuver is performed.

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