Attention Runners! 3 Dynamic Stretches [Running Series: 4]

Hey… it’s Allyson at CORE and I just wanted to show you three dynamic stretches that you can do to help your running… two are gonna be for the legs, a hip flexor and a hamstring stretch and then one that’s gonna be for the upper chest. You could do these in the middle of a running workout or if you swim or bike and you happen to stop, you can take a break and do this. You can do them afterwards as well, but I just wanted to show you a few just to give you an idea…

The first one I’m gonna do is a hip flexor stretch. You can do this on the ground kneeling but if you have something you can put a back leg up on like a chair, thats what I am going to show. Place your right foot on the stool behind you and you’re trying to stretch your hip flexor. Now lunge up and down, ten times, one leg and switch and do it on the other leg… try not to twist the pelvis, try not to let your your back arch too much and let your knee bend a little bit. If you keep the back leg straight then your back is gonna take a little strain from that… just up and down and you’ll feel the stretch in the front of your hip and upper leg.

The second one is a hamstring stretch. Again you can you can do this on the ground or by propping a foot up on a chair or bench. For this dynamic stretch, you just want to lean forward on that leg and then stretch back into it and lean forward. We’re stretching this hamstring but we’re using the muscle and bending it and moving it while we stretch it. This is better than just a static stretch where you hold the stretch… That’s not so good… With this one you want to try to lengthen your spine, try not to be working your back out but your hamstring instead. You let that leg bend and keep your back relatively neutral.

The last one for the chest and you hold the ends of a towel or a jacket you raise your arms and stretch up and come back down. You want to feel a stretch through the top part of your chest by your clavicle…

Those are three dynamic stretches you can do to help loosen up during a workout especially if your a runner…


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