Don’t Quit Running! [Running Series: 1]

Hey, it’s Allyson from CORE… This is the first blog in a series on running… I LOVE RUNNING! I am an avid runner.

I hear so many people that used to love to run and have had injury after injury and they quit running or doing the things that they think are causing their problems.  Don’t Quit Running! Running may not be causing the problem, it may just bring the problem to life because it’s the hardest thing you are asking your body to do… Doing these activities better can be part of the cure.

Lets Fix It!!!

I am a physical therapist at CORE. I have had ITB issues, plantarfasciitis, SI issues, hamstring strains, low back pain and more. I was able to fix them all and will teach you more about that in a different blog coming soon…

Running can be addictive and when you experience an injury that might keep you from running… you panic! I understand what its like to love running and not want to quit

Prevention is worth a pound of cure! There is a lot of things you can do, but you need to DO THEM!

As our bodies get older and change but that means it takes some work to do the things you love and keep you happy.  I want you to be able to run healthy for a long time. So when you get a nagging pain or something feels not right, that is when you come to see a physical therapist. You won’t have to have as many visits and you avoid 6 weeks of bike trainer sessions in your garage because your nagging calf pain turned into a tear.

Don’t Quit, but listen to your body and do what it needs!

That’s it… See you guys later.

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