What to Do in Austin When It Is 100° Out?…

It gets HOT in Austin every summer. We have had over 30 days of 100 degree temperatures so far this year.

It is very common to wonder how to escape the heat and typically water is in the answer in some way. On 2 occasions this summer we took our boys to the new NLand Surf Park for surf lessons and they had a blast.

It is located just East of the Airport and the F1 Track, look for 3 flags flying high at the entrance off Why 71.

What was really great to watch was them actually getting up on the board and picking it up quickly. That was when we realized that the 6 weeks of Physical Therapy/Training with Allyson was showing results. Both of my boys worked with our Physical Therapist once per week with treatment progressing from manual therapy to Pilates, Balance and Running Drills. Allyson has tons of experience with kids and is very creative and engaging with them. Of course, my boys will not listen to Cheryl or I about PT or Pilates, but they do great with her. I Love seeing the hard work put in at CORE translate into something as fun as surfing… in Austin… I highly recommend that you try the new surf park, as well as a course of Physical Therapy with Allyson for you or your child… Watch the video to see the artificial wave in action… https://youtu.be/PnYpXbunrFY

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Stephen Dunn