Reach Your Fitness Goals With Our Monthly Membership for Pilates Reformer Group Classes

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Stephen Dunn with CORE Therapy & Pilates in Austin, Texas. And, I just wanted to go over a quick little announcement really with our clients that we have a monthly membership plan for our group classes, whether it’s a group Pilates reformer class or whether it’s group GYROTONIC® Tower class, we have monthly membership options. Which is by far, the best pricing options.

And so, I had a client in for PT the other day, a few weeks ago now actually, and she comes and takes classes. She’s very consistent, takes class once a week. But she didn’t know we actually had monthly memberships. She only knew that she’d been buying 10 packs. And, I had mentioned to her about taking a second class to kind of jumpstart what she needed to help with some of the stuff in therapy. Instead of coming to see me more consistent, doing another class to save her a lot of money and actually continue to get her strong in the things that she was lacking. And through that conversation she mentioned something about, “Well, I just don’t know if I can afford to take another class.” And I said, “Well, if you do the membership at the twice a week, it’s this cost.” And I don’t remember the cost right off hand. She goes, “Oh. That actually takes it down quite a bit.”

And so, it was just something I wanted to share because I realized that some of our clients didn’t know this. We’ve had this monthly membership option for probably I mean, I don’t know how long now, probably a year. Since last summer I’m pretty sure. And, she was unaware of it. So I just want to announce it. I want people to know there are monthly membership options. So instead of paying a monthly, I mean a one-time price for the class or buying a pack of 10 that you use, if you do one class a week and you sign up for the monthly membership, I know that price is $97 a month. If you take two classes a week, it goes up. I don’t remember that cost offhand. And if you take three classes a week, it goes up.

But, the more you take, the less that per-class visit is. So the best option is to do a monthly membership. Now the monthly memberships are month-to-month, but we require a 30-day notice to stop. So, you don’t have to sign up for any length of time to do the monthly membership, it’s month-to-month but you, again, have to give us 30 days to stop it.

So that is our memberships. I wanted to go over that because I feel like people were missing out on that. And once this woman figured out that she could take two classes a week and actually commit to that, and it was significantly better price than what she was paying when she was paying the per-class rate. So, I just wanted to go over that because this summer it’s a perfect time to come in more frequently to classes and get a better deal and a better price.

And we’re also going to be offering, this is the first time I’ll be mentioning this, we’re going to be offering a little summer competition. And, I don’t have all the details, I’ll announce this real soon. But the summer competition is going to be the person that takes the most classes through June, July and August. We’re going to give a prize for. And the person that takes the most classes will get to pick from two options. And then the person that takes the second most classes will get the option that the person that won first didn’t pick. And so, we’re still working on some of those details, but I just wanted to go ahead and announce that while we were here live.

So, I hope you’re enjoying the rain. It’s been quite an interesting couple days. Now it’s gone from 100 to 80. And wow, that rain the other day was crazy. And, now I’m just hanging out on the back porch with Reece during my lunch break. And, I hope all is well and I’ll talk to you all later.

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Co-Owner / Physical Therapist at CORE Therapy and Pilates
Stephen graduated with a Masters in Physical Therapy in 1998 from LSUMC in New Orleans and is a licensed physical therapist in Texas since 2004. Immediately interested in hands-on therapy, he began to study with Brian Mulligan and became certified in the Maitland Australian Approach in 2003. Stephen has since studied the fascial system through John F Barnes Myofascial Release. Stephen completed a comprehensive Pilates training in 2002 and the GYROTONIC Expansion System® in 2009. The combined treatment of manual therapy with mind-body awareness exercises using Pilates and Gyrotonic concepts was the start of his whole-body treatment approach.
Stephen Dunn