Behind The Scenes at Studio 512… Cheryl Dunn Teaches Pilates Basics Live on TV…

The co-owners of CORE got invited to do something really exciting the other day and this is a behind the scenes look at it. Studio 512 wanted to showcase our business and asked us to come on live just before the big rain on Tuesday. It was really exciting to see the weatherman do his thing as it was about to start raining buckets outside.

We watched a few interesting segments and then at 7:50a we were live. Cheryl was mic’ed up and she led Stephanie and I through a few exercises that are easy to reproduce at home.

First some breathing to get deep in your belly and using your daphragm. Then some spinal extension exercises on your hands and knees and on your stomach. This is great to offset all the sitting and forward flexion we live so much of our life in.

The 5 minute segment went by in a flash and we were heading back to CORE for a day of clients… I got lucky and didn’t have to say a word, just listen to Cheryl and do what she instructed… It was really fun and here are some pictures.

Here is the live video link from kxan…

Is your body starting to feel tired, stiff and just run down? Has your fitness routine been less than good? or even average?

Old injuries catching up with you as you are not as young as you once were and think you still are?

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