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Stephen: Hey guys, all right! It’s Stephen Dunn and Megan with CORE Therapy and Pilates today, and what we’re gonna do is go over a little tutorial on how to set up your Mind Body account so that you can pay online, you can schedule online, and you can do all of that stuff. We get asked this all the time, and we decided it was time to put a little video together to make it easy.

So with that said, Megan’s gonna take it over, and we’ve got the camera set up right here on the computer screen, and we’ll be rocking and rolling, so with that said, Megan, take it over.

Megan: Hey guys, so I just want to show you how you can get online, and you can schedule your classes, you can purchase your classes, all through the Mind Body app. We can get to the Mind Body app from our website. If you just type in, it’ll pull you up to the website. And then we’re gonna go into classes, over here on the right-hand side, and go down to scheduling. When you open this up, this will be the screen that shows and it’s gonna show you all of the classes that we have available for the rest of the week. So you’ll see that we still have an 11:00 a.m. and a 12:00 p.m. that you can still sign-up for now.

You’re gonna wanna log-in using the email address that we have on file. So I’m gonna go ahead and type in our log-in so we can open this up. All right, so there we go, now we’re logged in. So if I wanted to join this 11:00 a.m. Gyro class, I would click on the tab that says sign up now. And you open that up, and it’s gonna give you two different options. The first option is to make a single reservation for the class, and if we wanna just enroll this one class, you’ll click on, make a single reservation. And it’s gonna ask you how you want to do the purchasing for this. So we can either buy it as a 10 pack, or we can buy it individually. Most people are probably gonna buy it individually if they’re just signing up online. So then you’ll click on that bottom, Individual Reformer class. And it’s gonna pull up your shopping cart. And you’ll just go in, click checkout, and then it’s gonna ask for your credit card information. If you have a package already, then you’ll just go in and sign up, and it should just pull it from that package. You shouldn’t have to go to this screen.

So, we’ve gone through the classes, and this is gonna be the teacher on the side. If there’s any substitution for the teacher, it’s gonna show in red. Then if you want to schedule an appointment for a private training session, you’ll go in under appointments, and you get to decide which session you’d like. So we’ve got apprentice, we’ve got a regular private personal training, and then we’ve got a private with a master trainer. And you get to choose your instructor, what day and times that you would like to come in. So you could see what’s available, and search, and it’ll bring that up. And now I just hit everybody, so it’s gonna bring up availability for all of our people.

Then if you go to my info, this is where you can update info. So your personal information, you can change your user name, you can change your password. If you move, you can come in and change your address, and it will reflect as such in our system when we log in. Then it’ll also ask you how you want to receive notifications and reminders from us. So balance things, if you want your account, we can email and text, reminders about scheduling, and any of those changes, you can choose the email option or the text option, same with news and promos. Then you can add billing information if you wanna keep a credit card stored on file with us. Then under my info you can go to your schedule. You can see what your schedule looks like. This is like a visit history. So the times that you have been to us, and your purchases.

And then if we go to the online store, this isn’t one that’s gonna be used a whole lot, this products tab, but you can go in and you can purchase series and memberships okay. So if you’re wanting a 10 pack of private sessions, you can purchase it through the classes screen, or you can also purchase it through this screen. If you wanna purchase a package membership, Reformer Gyro Tower class, and then again, you get that same option of a 10 pack or an individual pack. You can make a payment on your account from this screen as well. And if you’ve got anything standing out there, you can go in and you’ll be able to pick which thing you want to apply the payment for. And then we’ve got another one which is package memberships with like PT and fitness classes combined. So we do have a couple of those in there.

And, I think that that is everything that we have. And so then if you want to also, I’m sorry going back, if you want to look at what next week’s class schedule is gonna look like, you’ll just hit the week tab, and it’ll pull up next week, and all the classes that are available. If you do not see this sign up now tab, the class is going to be full. So all these are showing that that is available.

And, if you have any questions, please comment below, and we’ll get back to you. Otherwise, thanks and have a great day.

Stephen: All right guys, we’ll see y’all soon, and we’ll see you all on Mind Body. Take care guys.

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