Cheryl Answers Why She Got Into Pilates…

So Cheryl, tell us why you got into Pilates and how it's helped you through your, through the last 20 years of your life?

I got into Pilates because I naturally liked to exercise and move and at the time I got into it I was sitting at a desk most of the day for my job and then I was struggling to find a time in my day where I could fit movement in and I thought what a great opportunity to be able to make movement something I get paid to do. 

So that way I wasn't having to sit by the desk trying to squeeze in movement outside of this working all day long. I was able to actually start moving for a living and then I realized how great I felt and that continued to keep me doing it and it continued to spark the joy that I find when I get to share this with other people and give them the opportunity to feel as good as I do.

And you hit on something as far as feeling good but let me ask you one more question as far as your pain, I know you've had a lot of pain, back pain, some issues as a cheerleader and a gymnast as a child.

Tell me a little bit of how pilates has helped with your pain and how it could help someone else suffering from pain?

Well, I wouldn't say that you know, I live this completely pain-free life. Occasionally my back will bother me again and you know usually it's when I'm not staying active and not doing my regular stuff but if I stay, continue with my practice and I stay doing it regularly, I find that I can live at a capacity of doing anything I want to do. I mean I still run. I can jump into somebody else's class here and there and not worried about getting hurt and I'm as active as I was in my 20s.

Awesome. Thanks!

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Cheryl Dunn