10 Minute Abs with Cheryl Dunn, Pilates Master Trainer. CORE Therapy and Pilates in Austin, Texas

Grab a hand towel and mat and Cheryl is going to teach you her favorite Pilates abdominal exercises to get warmed up… 

10 minute Abs with Cheryl.

   1: Single Leg Stretch:

   2: Double Leg Stretch:

Rock your knees side to side with your breath during this break…

   3: Straight Leg Stretch:

Pull your knees into your chest and breathe deeply…

   4: Lower Lift:

   5: Criss Cross:

   6: Roll Up:

   7: Roll Over:

   8: Spine Twist:

   9: Side Bending:

  10: Swimming:

Childs Pose stretch

  11: Double Leg Kick:

  12: Swan:

And there you have it… 10 minute Abs with Cheryl.

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