What Makes Physical Therapy at Core Different?

Today, I just want to answer a great question that I got from one of my patients the other day as well as from my friends. The question was seeing me as a physical therapist at CORE Therapy and Pilates, the treatment plan at CORE, and what makes me or our group different from the places that they have been going to, especially if they had a bad experience in the past like they had physical therapy somewhere and they didn’t enjoy it, didn’t go according to plan or for whatever reason.

Although my patient knew the answer, she doesn’t know how to explain it to her friends. The first thing that I said was that what I do is based on holism — looking at the whole body and looking at everything including both mind and body and not just the back pain, knee pain or shoulder pain.

I said that what I do is not better, it’s just different. When I say that it’s not better, it might be better for someone and I might be a better fit for someone on what we do, but I’m not certainly better than what other people do. I just do things differently.

The first thing I do is I spent a whole lot of time with people, whether it’s 30 minutes of 1-on-1 or an hour of 1-on-1 with just the two of us. I really get to dive in finding out what the goals are and what the plan is or develop a plan based on the goals. I don’t take insurance. The plans are based on what your needs are.

It’s not based on what is dictating us or on what someone says beside the desk (your insurance) determines what you should get or not get. So I look at the whole tree and instead of looking at bits and pieces or injuries, I look at the person as a whole tree. If I can get everything in the tree balanced and make everything that is tight to be relaxed and is weak to be strong, then I can look at the leaves on the tree from there, if needed.

If I need to look at the leaves of the tree then I will, but if I don’t then I won’t. The holistic approach allows me to start looking at the whole tree and if needed, look at the leaves and move forward if not needed. So it’s a very different approach.

For example, they might have lower back pain and I’m working on their neck and shoulder position because of their slouched sitting position all day in front of their computer, and that’s creating some strain and issues on the back. If I only work on the back and don’t get their neck and shoulder into the correct position then it’s not gonna really make a big long-term difference if they just sit with the incorrect posture for long hours. I might look at the back with some of the shoulder patients because of possible similar issues like wrong posture or performing their sports the wrong way.

With that said, I look at everything. I look at the whole spine and how everything plays the role together and not just looking at one piece: not just your back pain, hip bursitis, or tendonitis.

I think that’s really the best way to describe what makes me different as I look at the whole body and spend a lot more time with people. I let you and your goals and what we need to get back to do and determine how much treatment you need. I don’t let anyone else determine that; they don’t know you and they don’t know what you need to get back to doing it.

I like to be the guy who provides everything for a small amount of people and not the guy that provides everything for everybody, because I can’t be everything for everybody. But I can be everything I can be to a small amount of people and those people who come and see me, love me, and trust me.

That’s my message for today. If you want to learn more about what we do, give us a call at 512-215-4227.

I have something called the Free Discovery Session that I love to offer you where we spend 20 minutes together, we look at your posture, evaluate your condition, strength and flexibility, and determine if what I do and what I offer is something that’s available or something that can help you.

Thanks a lot and have a fantastic day!

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