Tips To Handle Luggage: Travel Series #3

Hey, it’s Allyson at CORE Therapy & Pilates and I’m doing another blog on traveling. Spring Break is coming up and I want to talk about luggage… I just have this tiny little backpack but normally when I travel I carry a bigger Patagonia backpack that can you can either hold the strap or carry it over your shoulder… multiple ways to carry luggage helps…

When you’re carrying the luggage, if it’s a one-armed thing switch arms and try to do equal times on both sides… If you’re rolling the luggage, same thing, equal time on the right and the left. Then if you are lifting your luggage, what you’re going to do a lot of getting on conveyor belts through airports and overhead bins… before you lift anything really you want to take those legs, take a second and really get some tone and then screw them into the ground. Don’t be lazy…get your good core contraction we’ve talked about, bring those shoulder blades down…do all that prep work first and especially if you’re in pain… inhale, exhale, then lift… okay… Then you want the luggage to be as close to your body as possible, try not to reach over, bring it as close as you can and then lift.

It’s the same thing for the overhead bin, keep the luggage close to your body, push it up, keep those shoulder blades down when you lift it up… okay… let your shoulder blade sink down to push this backpack up…

Those are just a couple of tips for your traveling… I hope you have a good trip where you’re gonna go and those are good tips for just day-to-day life, picking anything up or carrying anything around…

Try to use both sides equally and keep the weight close to your body… alright, y’all have a good day.

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As a physical therapist in the Houston and Austin areas since 1995, Allyson has developed a gentle approach to whole body healing. At Core she has been able to spend more time personally with each client addressing the entire body and providing recovered clients with pilates training to keep them progressing.

“The one body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body.” Allyson uses this belief in three areas: First, in her approach to addressing areas of restriction throughout the body as a whole. Second, learning from co-workers, clients and other therapists taking pieces of wisdom and incorporating them into a whole treatment. Last, incorporating the pilates practice into discharge from physical therapy to continue parts of your recovery into a pursuit of health for your whole life. All parts making up one process of returning your body to health.

Her background in Total Motion Release techniques as well as Craniosacral Therapy, Strain/ Counterstrain and PIlates make for a holistic and gentle approach with quick results. The focus of her therapy is to empower the client with tools to heal themselves.

Allyson earned her B.S. in kinesiology at The University of Texas in 1992 and her M.S. in physical therapy from Texas Woman’s University in Houston in 1995. She has worked in pediatrics for 9 years also with great success treating pediatric orthopedic issues and infant torticollis with no crying!
Allyson Marshall