3 Tools To Pack For Your Next Trip… Travel Series #4

Hey CORE family… it’s Allyson, I wanted to tell you some things you need to pack on your next trip. The first thing I was gonna talk about is a resistance band, it can be this kind (thera-tube) or the the thicker thera-band type. This is great to do lots of different exercises and movement while you’re on a trip and it packs really small. You can you can step on it and do bicep curls or work on shoulder abduction. You can do a lot of the things you do on the reformer with your hands in straps. Do some stretches like this overhead, we did that on a different blog. You can use this for core work if you attach it to a something that will not move, around a leg of a table or in between a door and the doorframe and you can use it to pull down with your obliques, get really creative with that… but that’s a great way to exercise when you’re on a trip.

If you like the craniosacral work and the reboot of your nervous system helps, this is how I make my own still point inducer… it’s two tennis balls in a sock and usually you use a longer sock and tie it off in a knot. You put this right about the level with your ear on the back of your head and just lay down on it for five minutes and that will help reboot your nervous system, calm things down… traveling’s kind of stressful …

The last thing you want to take is your gold ball that you got and do for rolling out, self myofascial release work that you’ve learned here at CORE to help decrease the tension in your back and your neck and your shoulders.

Those are the three essentials for your next trip and they all pack pretty small and light, so… still point inducer, gold ball and then some kind of resistance band for working out…

To Summarize: Your body will not be happy after multiple hours sitting in a car or on a plane. Accept that, do what you can to minimize the impact, then unpack your tools to fix yourself.

  1. The gold ball – roll out your hip flexors, diaphragm, pectorals, piriformis. Spend more time on what is tight and less on what is not. Give yourself up to 5 minutes at each area.
  2. Resistance band – Recreate Pilates exercises and moves that you like with the resistance band. You can do arm movements or leg circles with resistance band.
  3. Still point inducer (two tennis balls in a sock) if the craniosacral work is helpful.

See you guys…

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