Occipital Neuralgia Treatment

So, what is the one thing I can do right now to help my occipital neuralgia? Watch this video to learn more. Go ahead and do me a favor and subscribe to my channel and hit that bell in the corner so you get notified of all my new content. It’ll be really awesome if you did that.

What treatment options are there for occipital neuralgia and what’s the one thing I can do to help it right now with a simple hand towel?

Well by the end of this video you will know the essential stretch and the essential exercise that no one is talking about with a simple hand towel to help with your occipital neuralgia.

I felt hundreds of patients with this condition over my 23 year long career as a physical therapist. And I can’t wait to teach you and help you with the same thing.

Alright, so what treatment options are there available for occipital neuralgia?

So, the first thing you can do is go to your MD and your MD is gonna prescribe you medications. They might give you an injection, send you to another specialist and basically its pharmacology based. 

Another option is to go to a physical therapist where they’re gonna treat you naturally and work on things, teach you things that you can do at home to help relieve your symptoms and not rely on medications and injections.

So, MD for medications and injections. A PT for a natural recovery and natural healing of occipital neuralgia.

Towel Rotation Stretch

Alright guys, grab your towel. We’re gonna take this towel and we’re gonna put it behind your head. Right at the base of your scull and you’re just gonna let the towel kinda drape over your shoulders like this. Now, you’re gonna cross your hands. 

The bottom hand for me is my right hand, I’m gonna grab on right here. Top hand, left hand. I’m gonna take the towel, put it right under my ear right between my nose and mouth. Pull down with the right hand, pull across with the left hand and I’m gonna hold for 3 big breaths.

Now we’re gonna ops away. And now I’m gonna take my left hand is pulling down, my right hand is pulling across. The towel is right below my ear, between my nose and mouth. My elbow is up high and leading the pull. And that’s our towel rotation stretch.

Chin Tuck Exercise

Now, we’re gonna go into the next exercise. Still using the towel and we’re gonna do what’s called a chin tuck. So, you’re gonna hold the towel straight pull in this way and at the time that you’re pulling straight in this way, the chin is going straight back.

So, it’s gonna be a counterforce of pulling the hands away, this way with a slight chin tuck.

And from the side, to show you what that looks like. The chin tuck is this but with the towel in the same position. So, without the towel it’s this. With the towel, I’m pulling this way as I do the chin tuck. So, hold for about 3 to 4 seconds and do 10 of those.

And that, my friends is a very simple program to do with a simple towel to help occipital neuralgia. So, comment below and tell me how this helped you, I would love your feedback.

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Thanks guys for watching and we’ll see you really soon with the next video. 

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