Low Back Pain Slowing You Down? Back Pain Physical Therapy at CORE Therapy & Pilates

Alright, hey guys, what’s up? It’s Stephen Dunn with CORE Therapy and Pilates. And today I wanna come on and talk a little bit about back pain, low back pain.

What the research says is that 80% of us are gonna have a little back pain at some point in time in our life.  With that said, 80% of the people that have back pain, 60% of them are gonna have a recurrence within a year. 

And of that 60% that have a recurrence within a year, 45% are gonna have another recurrence within 3 to 4 years. And of that original 80% that have back pain, 15% of those people are gonna become permanently disabled and living a life on disability.

So, those are the statistics. And those are the statistics that we try to avoided and keep people from moving down that chain. So in 80% of Americans have back pain.

What we found is a very great way of helping is with physical therapy specializes in back pain. And in progressing people to the Pilates reformer. And working on the reformers that I have behind me.

What we found is that’s a very fantastic approach, because the physical therapy is doing things to release certain muscles that are tight, it’s getting joints moving that are stuck.

It’s teaching you homework to do, it’s giving you patient educational things to avoid and the process to… As we’re making it better to avoided this will… You’ll continue to get better.

It teaches you many, many, many things about the pain cycle and the process of pain. And how we process pain, let me say it that way.

Then we progress people to Pilates where Pilates is gonna teach you how to move from your core, move from your center. Make you think. Where is your posture, where is your back, Where is your shoulder blades.

And by putting all of this together, we end up in a place where we have better awareness, better core strength and we have a better understanding of what’s going on. So whatever our problem is, we figure that out in physical therapy and we progress people in the Pilates.  

What this is all about is preventing people from going from that 80% to that 60% that I mentioned in the beginning.

And what I see very commonly is people come in, they do physical therapy, they get better and then they stop doing the program. They stop doing their homework, they stop doing the Pilates work we’ve taught them.

And then, guess what? 6 months later, a year later, it recourse again. Because they’ve stop doing the plan. And then we go through and start the process over. And the people that come in and go through the whole process initially…

Meaning when they feel better and are out of pain. They continue to get stronger, continue to get the core strength going. Cause research says it takes about 3 months to reeducate the core muscles. The multifidus, the pelvic floor, the deep transverses abdominis.

So with that said, we wanna emphasis a way to do that and that’s what we find the combination of physical therapy with Pilates is the best way that we have found for that.

So, that’s my message for today guys, I just wanted to share that. I’ve been getting questions about how we use Pilates and our physical therapy and what is it all about so I just wanted to come on today and share that.

For those that have helped on, thanks for helping on, I appreciate it. If you have any comments, put them below. If you need to reach out, our phone number is 512-215-4227 our website is TherapyAndPilates.com.

Thanks for hopping on guys and we’ll see you all soon. Bye now.