Leg Numbness Back Pain

Do you have numbness in the leg?

What is causing my back pain and leg numbness?

Do you have numbness in the leg?

Has Someone suggested you might have Sciatica

Has the Doctor told you have a bulging disc?

By the end of this video you will know why you are having numbness in the leg… and know the essential exercise to do at home to help.… 

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Why do I have numbness in my leg?

The first thing to think about is a bulging disc. The annular cartilage between the vertebra is damaged and the water like substance called the nucleus pulposus on the inside the disc pushed through the tear causing a bulging disc.

This can then put pressure on the nerve that is exiting the spine at that exact spot. Boom! Back pain and numbness down the leg can be the result.

Now lets talk about Sciatica.

What is it?

Its when there is pressure on the nerve and it causes symptoms to run down the back of your leg, calf and even to the bottom of the heel and foot, it can even cause what some think is plantar fasciitis, but that's another video…  

Sciatica can be caused by the bulging disc, tight hip flexors or piriformis that puts pressure on the nerve and this causes the numbness in the leg.

Try this exercise first…

Prone press up. Lay on your stomach with your hands next to your chest. Extend your trunk while pushing through and extending the arms while keeping the pelvis and legs on the ground.

Push up and stay shy of pain… Hold 5 seconds and do 10 reps and see if there is any change in your symptoms. 

If this helps you that is great news. The reality is that this doesn’t help as many as we would like but it is a great start. 

If it doesn’t help then there are many more things to try, but it would be best for you to reach out to your local physical therapist for a thorough consultation. 

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