INTERSTITIUM: Science Has Found A New Organ in 2018… We Call It FASCIA & Have Been Treating It For 15 Years…

Wikipedia states: The interstitium is a contiguous fluid-filled space existing between the skin and the body organs, including muscles and the circulatory system. The fluid in this space is called interstitial fluid (or lymph), which is composed of extracellular fluid and its solutes.

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Full Quote from Myofascial Release pioneer John F. Barnes to SmartHer News: ( ) See below for the entire quote from Stephen’s mentor.

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Stephen here from CORE Therapy and Pilates… Happy Friday Folks.

I hope you all have had a fantastic week. It’s the end of the week it’s a little after 4 o’clock, our schedule is done for the week and everybody’s gone. I just want to do a quick little video today because there’s been some excitement in the anatomy world this week. That excitement is that there’s been a ‘new organ’ that has been discovered, according to science. There’s a medical journal that came out about three days ago and I’ve had four or five of my clients asked me over the last couple days, “hey what do you think about this new organ?”

So I wanted to talk about that a little bit today because what they’re calling a new organ, the Interstitium… It’s basically what I’ve known as fascia for the last 15 years… So I I think it’s fantastic that people are talking about this ‘new organ’ but at the same time, it’s not that new. It’s just new in certain circles and if you’ve known about fascia and understood fascia then you know that when you hear what they’re talking about that they’re talking about the fascial system. To me, it’s more of a system, it’s not necessarily an organ… but what makes the fascia important it is that it is connective tissue that is full of microtubules and these microtubules allow fluids to flow through… These microtubules allow fluids to go through the cells and what they’re saying is is that this interstitial organ is what allows cancers to be spread from all over the body really rapidly.

We’ve all heard the phrase that were 70 percent water, well in my opinion the fascia is the cup that holds our water in, but within the fascia, it’s full of water. It’s a connective tissue that people thought was just a dense tissue. They didn’t think of it as a vibrant living material but what I know it as is a vibrant living material that encapsulates every system of the body. The fascia, the fascial system envelops the nervous system, it envelops the musculoskeletal system and it’s around every cell in the body. So it’s really fascinating…

One of my teachers, John F Barnes, I’ve been studying with him for 15 years. He’s been teaching about this for 50 years… so this is not new, it’s just new for the medical world, the Western medical world… To acknowledge something that they can’t MRI or CT or x-ray or do imaging of is exciting. So basically what my hope is, is that this allows some really smart people to figure out a way to do imaging of the fascial system. But right now you can’t take an image (X-ray, CT, MRI) of the fascial system so that doctors can’t make make money off of treating the fascial system… one they don’t know how… two, if you can’t x-ray it or CT it, then doctors don’t know what the h&[{ to do with it…

So with that said I’m really excited about today, this week, this information that’s come out because it’s something that I’ve studied for 15 years. It has changed my practice by looking at the fascial system and treating the whole body instead of the leaves on the tree… So that’s my take on fascia, if you’re interested in looking up, that’s John F Barnes. That’s the guy who I’ve been studying with for 15 years, who’s again been talking about this new organ that they’ve announced this week, he’s been talking about it for 50 years… He does not call it an organ, he calls it a system.

So that’s what I got for you today, thanks for watching guys… so y’all take care, peace have a great weekend… Happy Easter everybody… adios.

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Full Quote from Myofascial Release pioneer John F. Barnes to SmartHer News:

“It is refreshing to see science is finally catching up to what I’ve been teaching in my Myofascial Release seminars for the last 40 years. The fascial system is one of the most important structures of our body and is significantly tightened from physical or emotional trauma which produces crushing pressure on pain sensitive structures. It produces symptoms of pain, headaches, fibromyalgia and a myriad of women’s pain and health problems.The fascinating fascia is a liquid crystal three dimensional web. In the space of the web, which is actually not space, but a fluid/viscous substance called the ground substance of the fascia which tends to solidify due to trauma and is the main transport medium of our body. This means that whatever nutrition we ingest, the fluid we drink, the air we breathe, all the biochemistry hormones and information/energy that every one of the trillion of cells needs to thrive must go through the fluidity of the fascia.” “I would highly recommend purchasing Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau’s book, Architecture of Human Living Fascia. He is a French hand surgeon and he represents over 20 years of research on the fascial system. If you go to page 163, I have provided a more detailed explanation of the fascial system and Myofascial Release.”

– John F. Barnes