GYROTONIC® Exercises for Golf or Tennis at CORE Therapy and Pilates

Hi, I want to thank you for tuning in to CORE Therapy and Pilates YouTube channel. Here we have a GYROTONIC® duet session going on with Stephen Dunn, our Physical Therapist and certified GYROTONIC® Instructor. On this GYROTONIC® duet session they’re performing a series of spinal articulations in an arching and a curling position. Or flexion and extension, as well as a rotational motion, as well as side bending.

Most of these exercises being demonstrated here are to show how GYROTONIC® can be used in rotational sports such as golf or tennis. And the ability to help open and stretch certain areas as well as strengthen those areas… and continuing to show different variations of these exercises. Stirring these handles in circular patterns and again continuing to mobilize and articulate the spine. Another great thing of these exercises is how it shows you the imbalances between your two sides. Whereas one side might be very easy, the other side could be very foreign and unusual. As we work on this it continues to strengthen our awareness in our posture.

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