Grateful For Our Team at CORE & Travel Experience Because of Pilates

Hey guys. What’s up? It’s Stephen Dunn from CORE Therapy and Pilates. Cheryl and I are back in town, after a two week vacation to Europe. It was actually kind of a work vacation and Cheryl was teaching Pilates on a cruise ship. It was a residence cruise ship that people lived on and we just had an amazing time.

We’re back in action, today. We got home on Thanksgiving Day. We’re super grateful to be back. We’re super grateful that we had a team here, taking care of business and seeing clients while we were gone, out of town. Yeah. Now, we’re back in action and just wanted to say, “Hi,” and hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and a happy Thanksgiving weekend and we look forward to seeing you back at the studio. Okay, guys. Y’all have a fantastic day. Hope all is well and we look forward to seeing you around the studio. All right, guys. Take care.

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Stephen Dunn