3 Foam Roller Exercises to Release Muscle Knots in the Neck

Muscle knots in the neck? Are you spending countless hours on the screen in poor posture? Watch this video to learn more on how you can improve those muscle knots in your upper back and neck with a foam roller.

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So how can I release the muscle knots in my neck? Well by the end of this video you will know three ways to use a foam roller to improve your posture that in the long term is going to affect those muscle knots.

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My name is Stephen Dunn, I'm a holistic Physical Therapist in Austin, Texas. I've helped thousands of patients over my 23 year career as a Physical Therapist and I'd love to help you as well.

3 Foam Roller Exercises to Improve Your Posture

#1 Chest Expansion 

Okay, so the first exercise is called chest expansion and we're going to lay on the roller from your bottom all the way to your head on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground and your hands out to the side.

Now turn your palms up Cheryl versus palms down and I want everyone to try palms up versus palms down to see which way you get a better stretch in the front of the chest.

Lay in this position for about three to five minutes, relaxing and letting the chest open up to have a counter effect of all the time sitting and looking forward and looking down at screens.

#2 Snow Angels

Our second exercise is called snow angels. So from this position, Cheryl, go ahead and slide your hands on the ground up and over the head... yep.

So we're gonna make that your inhale as you go up and then we're going to exhale as you come back, just to start thinking about a little bit of breathing. Inhale as you go out and exhale as you come down and we're going to do a set of 20 reps. Go ahead and relax from there.

#3 Scapula Protraction and Retraction

Our third exercise with the foam roller is going to be scapula protraction and retraction. So from this position, fingers reaching to the ceiling, hands about shoulder width apart, reaching from the shoulder blades with straight elbows towards the ceiling and then squeeze the shoulder blades together.

Now reach up on the inhale and then squeeze your shoulder blades together on the exhale. Inhale as you go up, exhale as you squeeze together, tightening your abdominals with it and again we're going to do 20 reps of this scapula protraction and retraction also known as scapula punches.

Now comment below and tell me how this foam roller exercises has helped you. Tell me how it feels to lay on that foam roller. 


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It's going to give you tips that you can start incorporating immediately to improve the neck and shoulder pain and those muscle knots that we've been talking about. Now watch the next video in our series on how to improve those muscle knots right here...

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