2 Essential Exercises To Relieve Neck Stiffness

These are two essential exercises you should try when you are having headache, neck pain or shoulder pain when sitting too long. 

We know that when we're sitting too long in our car or our chair, we start to feel some tension creeping in and they even have headache, pain and neck pain in the shoulder.

So, here are two exercises to relieve stiffness that you can do to activate and wake up the muscles stabilizing your neck to relieve or even prevent those things from creeping in:

1. Put the ball underneath your head and press firmly into the ball, so the ball will not roll away or drop. Then turn your head side to side. Pay attention to what your head is doing and make sure you want your spine to be long like a string attaching your head into the ceiling.

Also, make sure you're more suited for range of motion side to side. Do that for 20 repetitions on each side.

2. To mobilize the lower part of the spine the thoracic spine below the neck, twist your body while assisting it by pressing into the leg then grab the chair from behind and feel the twist. Do this while deep breathing in and deep breathing out, then twist to the other side. 

Use your hand to assist the twist. Again, pay attention that your spine is still getting to the ceiling. Do this again 20 repetitions on each side.

I'm Dr. Andy Tseng, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist and a Pilates instructor as well at CORE.

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Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist at CORE Therapy and Pilates
Andy is passionate about providing a holistic approach to help people in Austin stay active and fit. He has a special interest in helping musicians perform more freely and comfortably. To better serve his patients, he acquired his manual therapy certification (MTC) through USAHS in 2018, and he is in the process of becoming a certified hand therapist. He also completed his Comprehensive Pilates and pre-/post-natal training through Core Pilates NYC, and became a certified classical Pilates instructor in 2019.
"Andy" Chin-Hueng Tseng