Medicare – Out of Network Billing Coming Soon, Concierge Physical Therapy Is Available

Let’s discuss a little bit of the summary of some new offerings that we have. It’s going to be happening really soon and it’s going to be exciting for many people.

The concierge physical therapy service.

It's a service where we come to you, we come to you at your home, at your back porch, at the park, at your work; whatever the situation is, whatever fits your needs based on COVID, and your life.

Telehealth physical therapy.

We’ve had three telehealth sessions in the last couple of days and we are making great progress with people in telehealth. It's actually very fun and very helpful for people. This is not a new service. It’s been going on now for almost a year, we started this in March last year.

I just want to reiterate that that is something that we are now offering as things are continuously in this uncertain phase with COVID-19. We are offering virtual Pilates that’s been going for some time as well.

We can sign up and do a zoom class live, it's a mat class and you can also do a reformer class. If you have a reformer at home or a Gyrotonic tower at home then you can do a GYROTONIC tower class. And these are all virtual. But something that a lot of people forget about is that we have a membership site with videos on demand.

We have over 60 videos now and it’s a site where you can pay less than $30 a month. So, it's less than $1 a day to have access to all these videos; intermediate, beginners, or advanced. Those are stuff you can do at home; you can pause it and take it at your own pace.

The videos range from 30 to 60 minutes, most of them are closer to the 60-minute range. There are also some in the 30-to-45-minute range as well. These are all the things that we are offering now that we never offered before as our pivot with COVID.

We are going to take Medicare.

We’re not quite there yet but it’s coming very soon. These are for all the people who are 65 and above that have Medicare benefits. We will now be able to take Medicare benefits but you'll have to get a doctor's referral to come in before using your Medicare.

We are setting up the process and we should be doing that very, very soon. We've already got our first approval from Medicare, and we're just waiting for one more. Now that we will be billing Medicare, that means we're also going to be bill out of network.

So, for all of you who have private insurance, you come in pay our fee, then we give you a super bill and you try to get reimbursed for your insurance, well, the system will no longer be like that. We will now build each visit for you.

We will find out within the first 30 days what your insurance will pay or not pay. So, let's just break that down. For example, you have $1,000 deductible for your network plan. But you have met that deductible with procedures or surgery, etc.

And when you come in, and I'm just going to use some simple math; let's say you're paying us $200 for the session. Your insurance might reimburse you $100 or $120 for that session.

Then all of a sudden, we figure that out and we realize instead of paying $200 a session, your interest paid us $100 per session. Now your co-pay is $100 per session. But if you haven't met your deductible, the whole amount will have to be paid and go towards that.

So again, Billing Medicare is going to be brand new for us. We have never done this in our entire career of being open.

Some shifts are coming. We're doing everything we can to pivot with this craziness that's going on in our world to continue to serve our clients. We know that back pain has not gone away.

Neck pain has not gone away. Knee Pain has not gone away through this pandemic. So, we are here to serve you. We just have multiple options that we never had before.

For more information call us 512.215.4227.