Concierge Physical Therapy in Austin. Mobile Physical Therapy from CORE Therapy and Pilates

I want to introduce our newest member to our team, Dr. Sonia Lucas. She is new to Austin and she’s a physical therapist. She’s going to run our concierge or mobile physical therapy department.

What is a concierge or mobile physical therapy department?

Concierge and mobile physical therapy, refers to us coming to you. If you are someone who is busy, but you want us to come on your schedule, then you're a great candidate.

If you're someone who’s particularly cautious with COVID, and you don't want to get out to a busy clinic, then you’re also a great person to come see. 

If you just enjoy the convenience of having that one-on-one in your home, we can show you how to do exercises with the equipment that you have in your own house. It's a great way to have physical therapy, had it where you want it;

It can be at your house, your workplace, we can even treat in a park, outside, whatever is convenient to you guys, or wherever you're comfortable.

Everyone who filled out our survey as we sent them out over the last couple of weeks, thank you. We appreciate that. Now, we're taking action based on the information that we got in that survey.

So, once again, we’re introducing Dr. Sonia to the mix. Dr. Andy and I are still going to be here at core seeing clients at the studio. But now we got a new service, we're coming to you. It's brand new, and we're really excited about it.

For more information call us 512.215.4227.

Stephen Dunn
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