5 Star Google Reviews For CORE Therapy and Pilates in Austin, Texas. Telehealth Physical Therapy

5 Star Google Reviews For CORE Therapy and Pilates in Austin, Texas. Telehealth Physical Therapy

Hey CORE Family! What is up? Its Stephen Dunn and I want to go over some 5 star reviews we have got from google…

I started receiving PT for my sciatica at Core Therapy a few weeks before the pandemic hit. I also started training in pilates during that time. My therapy was really helping strengthen my core and ease my sciatic pain. I had to discontinue my sessions when the pandemic hit, but recently resumed my PT with Andy at Core via Zoom.

I wasn't sure how effective telehealth treatments would be, but I was pleasantly surprised that it's very doable. I've felt some relief already from my therapy sessions with Andy. I'm so thankful because being confined to home has affected my physical state and its good to be able to do the stretches and exercises that help ease my discomfort.

I hope more people will sign up for telehealth sessions. It's good not only physically, but mentally as well. Thank you, Core Therapy, for your great care.

CORE Therapy & Pilates (owner)

Thank you so much for your review. Telehealth physical therapy is still so unknown to so many. Dr Andy Tseng is loving treating people online and seeing excellent outcomes. Yes, mental and physical health are both compromised in so many through the pandemic. Thank you for taking the steps to relieve sciatica with Dr Andy at CORE Therapy and Pilates. Zoom physical therapy and online pilates is not going away...

I personally am being treated by Dr. Andy at Core Therapy. He is wonderful and very thorough when it come to my complete body recovery from injuries sustained from a car accident in July 2020. Not only that he also is helping my entire body become stronger so I can live life pain free.

The gyrotonic techniques, the reformed machine, and all of the muscle manipulation and stretching Dr. Andy does each visit leaves me feeling vastly improved more and more each week. I experience dysfunction and pain in my sacrum area, as well as my serrates, scapular, rhomboid, and pectoral muscles.

As well as my pelvic area and hip flexor muscles but the pain now, compared to what I was going through during my first visit has subsided some and I feel better more and more after ever visit.

Not only is Dr. Andy a fantastic physical therapist, but the entire practice is filled with friendly, encouraging, people who truly want to do their very best to help each and every one of their patients to live a pain free life, with strong, mobile bodies. 

I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon Core Therapy and Pilates and highly recommend them to anyone who has suffered Soft tissue or joint injury or who experiences muscle pain.

CORE Therapy & Pilates (owner)

Thank you so much for the kind words Kaitlyn... We agree that Dr Andy is a fantastic physical therapist. Those dang hip flexors are such a problem with back pain. The tight scapula muscles you mentioned, the pectoral minor, the serratus anterior and rhomboids cause problems with proper scapula positioning. 

That is where the Pilates Reformer and Gyrotonic Tower can really help strengthen your body in new positions and postures... We are so happy you stumbled upon CORE Therapy and Pilates and are so happy to hear about your success.

Love these people!! Many times they got me out of pain through sessions with Stephen and then a private PT session. Only for me to stubbornly go back to not seeing them and get back into chronic back pain. Both upper spine and lower spine. They are consistently great and personally I find a long term solution that medical drugs and injections will not fix.

They get to the “core” of the problem. I have been enjoying their new addition Andy! Straight out of NYC and since I’m a NYC hairdresser I embrace the fact, That if you could be the best in NYC, you have to really know what you are doing. I have had amazing sessions for pain relief with Stephen and then follow up with Andy.

I love the classes too! Right now especially the are small and feel safer than a large class. Stephen and Cheryl have a great business and one the few in town that does gyro, Pilates and PT. You need not go anywhere else. Nicole Descoteaux

CORE Therapy & Pilates (owner)

Thank you for your kind words, Nicole! Chronic back pain is no fun, no matter if it is your having upper back pain or lower back pain! Our natural remedies for back pain and inflammation work so much better than pain pills, injections and surgery. 

It has been a pleasure working with you! We are so happy our Pilates Physical Therapy and Gyrotonic personal training is helping you so much... Dr Andy Tseng, Stephen Dunn and Cheryl Dunn say Hi!

If you have pain or want to build strength, CORE Therapy and Pilates will get you on the track to wellness. The team is solid and the owners really know their stuff, with years of experience. The vibe is always good too. It is the only place I've been publicly during covid where my temp is taken. Highly recommended!

CORE Therapy & Pilates (owner)

Thank you so much for the kind review Mr Stanley. I am so glad that we have been able to provide back pain relief and core strengthening for you. I have heard that from several of my clients that we are on top of our temp checks and cleaning protocols... thanks for noticing. Thank you for the opportunity to help you

After struggling with nerve pain for nearly 5 years I have found the right people. I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) which, for me, causes severe nerve pain in my hand. I’d been to dozens of doctors, PTs and OTs. 

I had been told by many doctors that they don’t know how to help me and I have been to many PT’s who made my condition worse. Andy and Stephen have been so helpful with all my crazy nerve issues.

Andy explains why my body hurts and corrects all my pain in each session. The best part is that he is knowledgeable. My previous course of treatments were the “it gets worse before it gets better” types and it never got better.

Andy has explained I was being treated incorrectly for what I am diagnosed with, and it’s very obvious bc once he treats my hand correctly, my pain goes away. So in a nutshell, after years and years of going to the wrong people, I found help at Core Therapy! I kept telling Andy, “Where were you 5 years ago?!”

I can’t stress enough how helpful everyone has been. Anywhere from cranial work with Stephen to Gryotonics, I have received so much help. CRPS is a complex syndrome so I highly recommend if you have unexplainable nerve pain to take a visit to Core Therapy.

CORE Therapy & Pilates (owner)

Thank you Mia for your review! And we are happy that you found us as your solution to your Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) after 5 years of trials and errors.

We know that there are many people with the exact same condition as yours still seeking solutions, and we'd love to help them to not only alleviate pain but also return to things they enjoy doing and be healthy and active.

Thanks for checking out our 5 Star Reviews.

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