COVID-19 Week 4 CORE Update… Virtual Pilates, Telehealth Physical Therapy, Videos On Demand Available!

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Hey guys, what’s up CORE family? It’s Stephen Dunn, just reaching out today on this Tuesday morning to say hi. I just wanted to check in with everyone to see how you’re doing during your quarantine, during your stay at home time.

I just want to do a little summary of what’s been going on at the studio. We’ve had a lot of folks reaching out to us asking what’s going on and what we’re doing to pivot in this time. I want to go over that a little bit. We’ve been sharing our virtual offerings and I just want to go over those things a little bit more in detail today.

One of the first things we’re doing is virtual Pilates classes where you can sign up for a group class or you can do a private lesson. In a group class you sign up at a specific time, it’s $20 a class and you watch the teacher do the class and you do the class with them. With a private lesson you end up signing up and the teacher watches you more than you watch the teacher and they’re guiding you through the program. A private lesson you’re being watched and modifications are being made according to what you’re doing. The group class you’re watching the teacher, your video is off, you’re muted and you watch to see what’s going on and you keep up with the class. Those are the couple of options for that.

Now one thing we found is a lot of people aren’t interested in the classes at a certain time. We’re filming the videos and we’re selling the videos as a video on demand. You can purchase the video and you will get a link that will allow you to watch it anytime you want.

That is something new that we started offering last week and we’ve had some folks buy some of those.

We’ve got videos, beginner videos, intermediate videos, some advanced videos, GYROKINESIS(R) videos, Pilates mat work, balance work… all kind of different things throughout those videos on demand. Now with those videos on demand we’re gonna be making a monthly membership. The monthly membership is not quite ready yet but it will be ready very soon. ( ) Instead of buying one video, you can pay monthly to have access to all the videos. Right now we’ve got about 80 videos, 90 videos that are going into a monthly membership site. That should be launched really soon, we’re working hard on that right now.

The other option is the telehealth or the video visits for physical therapy or online physical therapy. Last week was really fun, I had 12 sessions on the book and it was really encouraging to see. One, I could help people through telehealth and two, people were willing to give it a try. Every single person that gave it a try was so happy at the end, they were like “wow, this was much better than I expected.”

I wanted to share a story that I just had with one of my virtual sessions just now. I had a patient from 8:00 to 9:00 and it’s a guy that has back pain and hip pain. He’s a very active guy. He plays golf a couple times a week, he plays tennis a couple times a week, he sees his personal trainer a couple times a week, he works with me, he works with my wife Cheryl for Pilates training. He’s a very active guy and all of those things have been taken away from him to some degree. He’s doing some zoom calls with his personal trainer, he’s doing a little bit of tennis on his own but he’s not being active like normal. It’s really bothering him and his hip has stirred up as a result of that, sitting at home, working from home. We did a telehealth session where I basically took him through an assessment. I looked at his mobility and found some areas of restriction. We then did some treatment, some treatment that he knew about but wasn’t doing at home. We also did some treatment that he didn’t know about, some things that I hadn’t taught him before because I knew he wasn’t doing his homework. Well now that’s his option to do the homework! So we went through it, taught him some things, taught him stuff, old and new.

At the end of that hour he got up, we reassessed everything that we did at the beginning and everything that was stiff, tight or painful was better. He said “I feel a lot looser, I feel a lot better.” Now he’s got some tips and tricks and tools to do before his workouts with his personal trainer, before he goes for a walk. He walked five miles yesterday. So I just wanted to share that with y’all… we are not open in person but we are open virtually and we are still here to serve you virtually. It’s not the same as what we were doing a month ago but it is what we have the ability to do right now and we’re just trying to keep the doors open long enough so that when this is all said and done we’ve got a place for everyone to come back to in a fury.

That’s my message for today guys. Y’all have a fantastic day, thanks for hopping on those that hopped on and I hope to see you in person real soon, but I hope to see virtually even sooner… y’all take care now.

Text us at 512-902-8794 for immediate response…

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Now offering Videos on Demand. Purchase any of our extensive list of videos and you will get a link that you can watch anytime you want. This is a great option for those that are not as tech savvy to do the live virtual classes or for those who want to take the class over many times…

We are here to serve our clients virtually through this crazy time! This virus will not stop back pain, shoulder pain or knee pain that was there just a few weeks ago… good chance it is now worse with this new stress.

Thanks to everyone who signed up for virtual PT and classes this week.