3 Tips To Ease Neck Pain & Tension With A TheraCane…

Hey guys… It’s Stephen here from CORE Therapy & Pilates… I want to do a quick little demonstration today on some simple tips of using the theracane. I get a lot of clients that have had a theracane for some time or we talk about the home programs and the use of the theracane comes up frequently… Now a theracane is this guy right here, it’s got the big long hook on the end of it it’s got a few knobs on the side. The basic three tips I want to go over today are the three spots that most people need to loosen up for their neck pain or neck tension to improve.

The first thing to do is get it between the shoulder blades, an area

right here called the levator and then back a little further between my

shoulder blade and spine, the rhomboids. So what you’re doing is you’re using the theracane to pull away from you and down to get into that tense spot. Now this is something you’re gonna find some knots especially those desk workers… so that’s the first spot between the shoulder blades up the very tip all the way down to the bottom of the shoulder blade.

The next part we’re gonna talk about is the chest, the pect minor. It’s the little muscle right here that we spend a whole lot of time teaching people how to release with the little knobby on the end here. It’s between the sternum and the armpit, just above the chest below the collarbone and then your pressure this time is coming straight in and as you come in like this. You’re gonna feel some tension there and you’re gonna hold that spot there for several minutes.

Now these are alternatives to what I teach people to do with the gold ball or the tennis ball and these are things that are certainly of value…

Now right here is the next point we’re gonna get to it’s called the scalenes and the SCM. Now that’s an area that’s very challenging to get to because of all of the other structures that are there, the lymph nodes and the nerves so it’s a very delicate area. The theracane is very firm and uncomfortable for many when used on the scalene muscles, so I like to

cut a little piece of pool noodle and I put it right on the end of that knobby. By putting that there and putting that knobby there into that spot (scalene-SCM, it is a lot more effective. Then I can stretch my neck like this away from where the pool noodle and the theracane are at, I can look back like that…I can look down like this… whichever gets the most tension to where that knobby is…

Those are three simple tips that I want to go over using the theracane: the

rhomboids/levator on the back the pect minor in the front and the scalenes/SCM on the front and side. Again you’ll want to use the pool noodle on the scalenes…

That’s it for today guys… a little simple demonstration to help with neck pain and tension.

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