Why So Many People In Austin Are Becoming “Gyrotonic” Teachers…

When Cheryl and I moved to Austin in 2004, GYROTONIC was unknown as there was maybe 1-2 certified trainers in town that were teaching on a Gyrotonic Tower. Cheryl had just completed her Level 1 Foundation Training while we were living in Sonoma for a year. I signed up for a 3 month travel PT job at Sonoma Valley Hospital just a month after we got married in Lake Tahoe. Cheryl found a job at an amazing studio within a week and had a busy schedule within a few more weeks. We decided to extend the contract for a year and Cheryl dove into the Gyrotonic method for the first time, and we had free rent in an expensive town.

When we moved to Austin, we had a brand new Gyrotonic Tower sitting in our living room for a few months as we were figuring out our plan to open CORE. Once we opened, Pilates was a draw to get people in the door, but we found that it was Gyrotonic that kept them coming back for months, even years (we have had a client doing Gyrotonic sessions with us twice a week since the summer of 2005 until now). But we were starting to raise a family and Cheryl was teaching less hours, but all of our clients really loved Gyrotonic. So she decided to dive deep into the Gyrotonic curriculum and began the journey to become a Gyrotonic Master Trainer, allowing her to start training students to become certified instructors, filling our need for new staff members and growing the system in Austin.

This also allowed Cheryl to become the second Master Trainer in all of Texas, which brought new students in from all over the world, as well as Austin.

7 reasons WHY people are becoming a Gyro teacher…

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  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Healthy Movement in your Own Body
  • Financial Flexibility-Make $25-35 Per Session Teaching in a Studio or $75+ at your Home/Studio
  • Serving Others
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • New modality to Add to Your Healthcare Practice
  • New Modality to Add to Your Fitness Studio


Since she started the Gyrotonic Teacher Training in Austin, we have had a PT from Bahrain, who then went and opened the first Gyrotonic studio in her country. A chiropractor from San Antonio completed the certification and added Gyrotonic to his existing facility, which led to 3 more Instructors from San Antonio coming through the program the next year. A Physical Therapist from New Orleans and Wisconsin have started their Gyrotonic training in Austin and the community grows, across the country.

But, let’s be honest, Austin is a happening place that ranks high in most top 10 list out there. So we are seeing people come from all over to see Austin, while getting a certification in at the same time. Several of our clients have gone through the training and one has recently opened her own studio near her home about 30 minutes from Austin.

We love seeing the community grow as it has taken off on the West Coast and East Coast, but not so much everywhere else between. It has been a slow growth here in Austin, but we are proud to be a part of it going from 1-2 trainers in town to 25+ with 2 Pre-Trainers and a Master Trainer. CORE offers a Level 1 Foundation course and Level 2 Foundation course per year.

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