Why Being Too “Skinny” Isn’t Always Healthy If You’re Trying To Work Out!

So I want to address a common problem that I’m running across pretty frequently. I see these women in their 40s and 50s, and they’re very skinny and thin. And with that, there’s an assumption by many people, trainers and folks that work with them, that they are fit because they are skinny and thin. And I will say this, no one makes that assumption about me when they see me. No one’s ever called me skinny before! 🙂

But anyway, I see it a lot with my clients, where they come in and they are very thin. And when they see the personal trainer and when they see certain instructors, they get pushed very, very hard and fast, way beyond their actual limits. And that becomes a big problem because there’s, again, this assumption, because someone is small, that they are strong and fit. And that is not the case, because a lot of those thin women, the reason they’re injured is because they are thin and actually very weak and unstable.

So just a kind of a continuing theme, I find that the studio of late is… And this goes back years ago to one of my clients, who was a very thin lady and very small, and she would go to a personal trainer and get injured every time. And then I would have to work on her for several visits to undo what the personal trainer was doing, and then it made it very hard to progress and get her strong like we really wanted her to. So she was the first of it, and I’ve continued to see it over the last, say, month or so, repeatedly, with some of my new clients.

My focus, our focus at CORE Therapy is to promote mindful movement, intelligent exercise, and a way that you can learn something and actually apply it to the gym, apply it to a personal trainer. Even if they’re not understanding what you need to be doing, you’re going to understand what you need to be doing with your proper form, the position of your low back, the position of your shoulders, the position of your head, everything, and the proper alignment with progressing those things. We teach our clients to tell an instructor or a personal trainer that they can’t do that anymore, and that this exercise is not in the realms of their possibilities at the moment, not necessarily long-term.

But with that said, with the assumption, a lot of the thin clients get injured and unnecessarily, so I just wanted to talk about that again. This is a common theme that’s been recurring at the studio. And I just wanted to say, if your trainer is injuring you, that is not a good sign, and we should be looking at things a little closer and having better tools and better management. All right, that’s all for today. Take care.

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