How Pilates Finally Helped The Cubs Win After 108 Years!


WOW! The Chicago Cubs have won the WORLD Series after 108 year of waiting. That is a looong time.

I have been a baseball fan sine I was a child when I grew up in South Louisiana watching the Braves, Astros and Cubs on TV everyday, every summer. I got to play baseball through high school and was able to umpire little league baseball through college and PT school.

Honestly, I lost interest in professional baseball some time ago, maybe 10 years or so. But last year I heard about a Chicago Cub that has fallen in love with Pilates. Jake Arrieta was a pitcher for the Cubs that was not doing so well professionally. Then he found Pilates randomly as the story goes, and it morphed him into one of the best pitchers in baseball.

What? One of the best pitchers in baseball?

Well he has a Cy Young award under his belt, 2 no hitters, several massive homeruns (pitchers are not supposed to hit homers in the pros!) and the cover of the Body Issue of Sports Illustrated.

In a SI interview, he said the following:

“My flexibility is probably my No. 1 asset. Three years ago, the splits was something I told myself I was going to be able to do by the end of that offseason; it took me two years to actually do it.”

“I train with Pilates in the offseason and in-season on a daily basis. Pilates gets my body into a position where I’m activated, I’m loose and I’m ready to go as soon as I step out onto the field. It aids my warm-up process; it gets me much more ready for the day of activity than any other type of warm-up ever has. And the amount of core strength that I’ve built with Pilates and hamstring strength and hip mobility and mobility in my shoulders and my spine — those are all things that directly correlate with what I have to do on the field.”

“I kind of brought Pilates to the Cubs. I went to Ricketts, Jed, Theo, and I told them this is our way to be innovative. In five to 10 years, every clubhouse in baseball is going to be doing this. I think at first a lot of guys were skeptical. But as time has gone by, the amount of guys that are taking part in either a morning routine of Pilates or an afternoon session is pretty high. I’d say there’s been 15-20 guys that are actively using Pilates. And they are all seeing the added benefit.”

Since that article on July 1, 2016, well we know what has happened as we woke up today to see how many Cubs fans we knew.

^^^ Watch the video above of Jake Arrieta doing Pilates! ^^^

Since the 2015 season, Jake had a win-loss record of 22-6 and 18-8. Prior to starting Pilates, he was 6-6, 10-8, 3-9, 5-4, and 10-5 from 2010 to 2014. Now he is a World Series Champion and credits Pilates for his career turn around!

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Stephen Dunn