Wall of Fame at CORE Therapy & Pilates… Earl Campbell, The Black Keys, Miss Texas 2017…

Stephen Dunn here with CORE Therapy and Pilates, I got my little buddy Dudley hanging out with me, he’s hanging out being a good boy this morning bright and early, my little sweet greeter.

I wanted to go over real quick today…first of all school’s out and the traffic on Bee Caves is going to be significantly better for the next few months (other than the road construction) and so that’s a very positive. It took me literally like half the time that it normally takes to get here and I only live about a mile from here.

What I wanted to go over today was a question that I get frequently and what we have here is our ‘Wall of Fame’ and we have a lot of pictures of people that have come through our studio. People who have come through for different reasons, for injuries, for sports, for performance or whatnot and I wanted to go through that today.

I got my most recent addition to the wall just last week or maybe actually two weeks ago and the most recent addition that I got was our picture from Margana Wood. Now Margana is a client of ours who actually won Miss Texas last year and ended up in the top five in Miss America last year in 2017. She came to us with an issue with one of her skills, her performance that she was doing for the pageant and we were able to help her. Cheryl and I over the course of three or four months of therapy and Pilates and GYROTONIC(R) exercise, we were able to really help her get get back to doing the things that she was having trouble doing. So that’s the most recent addition to the mix but when I got this from her what I told her was that I would put her next to her fellow UT alumni, Mr. Earl Campbell. He has been one of our our favorite patients of all time here, it’s been a couple years since we saw him.

This is one of my buddies Brandon, he played football at Baylor (and in the CFL). He was the senior when rg3 came to town, was basically rg3’s recruiting mentor for the weekend when he came to town (as a recruit) so he’s got lots of great stories about rg3 before anyone know who knew who rg3 was.

This is a for the Black Keys, now this is really cool, this is one of the most cool nights of my career. I get asked about this poster frequently and what happened was at the time, it’s been a few years now, one of my clients worked for the Black Keys, was involved with producing them. We were talking as I was working on her, she was saying that the people she worked for needed some help with their backs and I mentioned a I’d be happy to go work on them and not knowing who the band was or anything. I was able to arrange to go set up my table backstage and I ended up at the Frank Erwin Center setting up on top of the UT logo in the men’s locker room. It was kind of cool, a neat experience as we’re talking about UT.

Now we could go a little further down the way here we have a young girl named Peyton, she was the the lead gal in the Nutcracker which was really cool. We not only got to treat her for several months getting her prepared for the the performance but then we got to go watch her perform and it was really quite amazing.

This was one of our very first professional athletes, we worked with a gal who is a triathlete and we helped her get ready for her Ironman in Kona.

These are some of our high school athletes. They were some of my very first athletes that I treated way back when we opened up, back in 2005, 2006, 2007… young girl from Bowie played some softball at UTSA. Two kids from Westlake that one winded up playing baseball in college, one wound up playing volleyball at Baylor…

So this is our ‘Wall of Fame’ and I get asked about this frequently so I just wanted to go over that and answer that question… that’s it guys, I hope y’all have a fantastic day and I’ll be seeing y’all real soon around the studio… take care.

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