Ji-Man Choi Does a Full Split During the World Series Thanks to Pilates

Ji Man Choi Does a Full Split During the World Series Thanks to Pilates

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s watching baseball on TV every summer. It was so hot and humid in South Louisiana that I chose to stay inside as much as possible while I was not working as an umpire or playing baseball myself.

I would watch the Braves, the Cubs and the Astros, whoever was on TV. Some days would start watching a game from Wrigley in the afternoon followed by the Braves at night…

The Braves were my favorite team and I watched them go from worst to first in 1991. They made more trips to the World Series than I can recall.

With the homer run from David Justice in 1995, they finally won it all. One world series win with that pitching staff was a disappointment when it was all said and done.

Fast forward to 2020 and I haven’t watched baseball in over a decade. The Braves are playing great and in the playoffs. The World Series is being held in Dallas, only a 3 hour drive from me. Hey, maybe I can go catch a game if the Braves make the series.

A World Series game is something to check off the list so I was interested… And it was possible for Atlanta to square off against Houston.

Turning on the game to watch the Astros play Tampa Bay, I noticed this pretty big first baseman making some pretty impressive plays… Ji-Ma Choi was jumping all over the place to save wild throws and then he did a full split to stretch and get the out on my LSU Tiger, Alex Bregman.

I immediately said that big dude must do Pilates! 

The Braves nor Astros made the World Series so my interest fizzled…

A few weeks went by and then I found this article from the Sporting News to confirm my suspicions about Ji-Man Choi and Pilates. Read below to see quotes from the article.

When Choi spoke with the media before World Series Game 4, he gave a simple explanation through a translator for how he's able to stretch like that at first: “Pilates. During the off season — that’s about it.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, "Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements." Some Pilates exercises "stress proper posture and movement patterns and balanced flexibility and strength." 

Pilates became a part of Choi's routine about two years ago to address frequent injuries he had in the minor leagues. He hadn't been able to stick in the big leagues, in part due to nagging issues. Choi just wanted to last entire seasons.

“I try to be more flexible, hoping that it will help with sustaining a full healthy season," Choi said.

I really love this article and seeing this 260 pound man move so fluidly and with such flexibility. As a big guy myself, Pilates has improved my flexibility and posture unlike anything else I have ever tried as a Physical Therapist for over 22 years…

Are you ready to give Pilates a go?

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