How To Crack Your Lower Back At Home

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So how do I crack my back at home? By the end of this video, you'll know three ways to crack your back at home. They may not all work for you and there are other ways as well but we'll start with these.

I've helped thousands of patients over my two-decade career at CORE Therapy and Pilates helping people with back pain and I can't wait to help you as well.

Side-lying Spinal Twist

First, we're going to do the side-lying spinal twist... keep your bottom leg straight and bend your top leg, hook your foot behind your knee, yep your top foot behind your bottom knee and the head is resting on your arm like it is.

Now bring your left hand behind you and open up and twist your spine as you rotate that way and take two big inhales and exhales in that position...and let's reverse sides...

 Bottom leg straight, top leg hooked behind... foot hook behind the knee, resting your head on the shoulder... on your arm and extending over and taking two big breaths there.

Seated Spinal Twist

All right... Second, we're going to do the seated spinal twist. So in long sitting with the left leg extended the right bent over, we twist the spine, left elbow on the outside of the right knee, and then we reverse it as we go the opposite direction hold it for about two breaths...


And third we're going to use the rollga, which is a new device that I've just come across in the last few months.

So let's now place the roll in the small of your back. Engage your abdominal muscles as you extend back over it. You're not rolling here you're just extending back over the rollga. Here's the same thing from a different angle.

There are those grooves in the rollga that your vertebra are allowed to go in and doesn't put the same pressure on your spine as using, let's say a traditional foam roller

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