How Do I Ease My Back Pain? Case Study: Stephen’s Story of How He Solved His Back Pain, Part 2

Hey, guys. What’s up? It’s Stephen Dunn with CORE Therapy & Pilates in Austin, Texas. Today I want to go through and tell a little bit more about my story of my back pain. I mentioned this in a live video recently when I taught you how to do a log roll to get out of bed. It’s something I had to do for about week. But today, I want to go back through the story a little bit more.

I injured my back moving a dishwasher out of a storage unit and I worked for about two hours solid to get everything out of the storage unit, to get to the dishwasher. Got the dishwasher out, put everything back in, lifted the dishwasher into the truck, moved the dishwasher to my house, and in that time, I felt fine and I was really focused on protecting my back in that time. But, I didn’t in one split moment. I didn’t feel it at the time, but that evening, I worked from 9:00 to 11:00, but that evening about 7:00, 8:00 PM, I was like, whoa… What ended up happening is I started shifting over like this.

I started shifting my body and I was totally crooked, and if I tried to go back over into that position, it hurt like crazy. So, what I ended up doing was some homework that I know to do in that situation, and it actually made it worse that night. As soon as I did all my homework of the stuff that I knew to do it, it made me worse. Monday came. It was a real light day on the schedule that day, that Monday and Tuesday, which was actually very good because my schedule’s been crazy and that was perfect timing to have two slow days because I wasn’t really able to move very well. Every time I sat, I had a hard time getting up and moving.

But anyway, back to the story. What ended up happening is I ended up coming in and working with the PT that’s going to be working with me real soon, Jared. I had him coming up and hanging out that day doing some observation, and I had him work on me for 30, 40 minutes that day. By having him work on me and actually get in there and loosen some of the joints and the soft tissue up with the hands, then I was able to do the homework that day and that night, and it was super effective. So, I went from the homework really not helping me at all. It was like, man, this isn’t helping, this isn’t helping, and I was doing multiple things that I expected to help it and it didn’t. But, as soon as I had that hands-on treatment and I got some attention, then my homework was very effective.

It went from having no relief from Sunday night, Monday, and Tuesday, to Wednesday having that appointment or having that work on me with the physical therapist. All of a sudden, I felt significantly better. I was able to then move. I was able to work, and then my schedule ramped up and it’s been crazy ever since and I haven’t had really a break at all. So, it’s been an interesting journey, and so the moral of the story is, I’ve taught most of my clients an entire home program how to manage their pain.

If you have a flare-up and your pain comes back and you do the homework and it’s not effective when it has been effective in the past, get in here to see me for a session or two, or Jared for a session or two. It shouldn’t take much to get things rolling in the right direction. But, the longer you wait, the harder it is.

All the research says that you want to get treatment within the first 14 days of a back injury. Well, guess what? Within 14 days, my back injury was completely gone because of the work that I did and taking the effort and getting seen quickly.

All right, guys. That’s my message for today. Thanks for watching, whoever’s out there. Leave me some comments below. Share with any of your friends or family that may need to hear this message, and y’all have a fantastic week. Peace.

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