Hip Pain Exercises for Immediate Relief

So today is the third video in our hip osteoarthritis series. So let's get right down to it. What exercises should I be doing now that I have hip osteoarthritis? Stella can tell you more about it... 

Well, watch this video to learn how to improve your hip osteoarthritis with a natural solution, exercise.  Now could you do me a favor and go ahead and subscribe to my channel and click the bell so you're notified of all of our content. It'd be great if you could do that. 

What exercises should I do with osteoarthritis of the hip?

Well by the end of this video you'll know the best  exercises to do for your hip. The natural solution of exercise is one of the best things that you can do.

My name is Stephen Dunn, I'm a physical therapist. I've helped thousands of people with this condition over my 23+ year career as a physical therapist and I look forward to helping you as well.

Now I will say these exercises are being built into a sequence based on some stretches and some release work and some other exercises. So if you find those other videos and do those first it would help the whole series go better.

All right, so we're gonna do three exercises from laying on your back and we are gonna use props for this. The first prop we're going to use is called a pilates flex ring or a magic circle.

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Now that's a very specific prop that we're going to use. If you don't have one of those, it's okay. We're going to also use a small ball and a theraband that's actually like a thera-loop we'll call it.

6 Best Hip Pain Exercises for Immediate Relief

#1 Magic Circle Adduction Squeeze

With the pilates ring, we're going to first start off with a little squeezing the ring between the knees. Now we're gonna take an inhale Cheryl and as you exhale tighten your abdominal muscles and squeeze that ring together.

Now we're strengthening those inner thigh muscles, the adductors. We're going to start with a set of 10 and we're going to progress up to 3 sets of 10.

#1B Ball Adduction Squeeze

Another option is a ball between the knees. This 4” gold ball, it can be a volleyball, it can be a basketball between the knees. It can be a paper towel roll, a pillow between the knees. Those are just some different options and things to use. 

Good... two more Cheryl and I have no idea how many that is but we're going to say that's number 10 and relax from there.

#2 Magic Circle Abduction Squeeze

There are a couple ways to use the magic circle for the next exercise. You can just drape it around the knees like that or you can actually step into it like it's a pair of shorts. We're just going to drape it around the knees like that for now.

Take an inhale Cheryl, as you exhale open the legs. So now we're strengthening the outer hips. The hip abductors...

#2B TheraBand Adduction Squeeze

In the last video, we did this laying on your side and lifting the leg with the two-pound weight. Now we're doing them together with a little different resistance with the band. Two more of those Cheryl and last one, good and relax from there.

I'm going to show you another option and again if you have a TheraBand it can be just tied together in an actual loop. There we go.

Let's take an inhale and as you exhale we're going to open the legs from the hips. So again, it's the same thing we we're just doing, just showing it with a different device. That's it. All right.

#3 Bridge

The last one we're going to do now is a bridge. We're going to put the little ball between the knees. It can be the little ball, it could be the basketball, whatever it is. I'm going to have her squeeze the ball as she lifts her rear end in the air, strengthening the hip extensors or the glutes.

Inhale, lower and then exhale as she lifts. The last video showed each exercise being done individually. Here they're being done together, in unison, both sides and so pay attention to see if you can notice a difference between the right or the left glute.

Pay attention when you're squeezing or opening if you can notice the difference between any of those motions. Start with 10 reps and we're going to build our way up to doing three sets of 10 reps over the course of the next one to two weeks.

All right. Now we're going to move to some standing exercises.

#4 Magic Circle at the Wall

So now we're doing a glute medius strengthener with the magic circle. So you're going to take the magic circle and place one end touching the wall and the other end is going to go right in that crease of your hip. You're not leaning into it to hold it, it's just kind of wedged between you and the wall. 

You want to stand completely upright, equally weighted on your feet. Take an inhale, stand up nice and tall and as you exhale just laterally shift your hips into the magic circle. Inhale, allow it to come back and exhale... shift, pushing the circle.

So I'm only trying to move my pelvis towards the wall and keeping my head and feet right where they started and you should start to feel this exercise on the outside of the hip. That's the outside leg. You want to do this about 10 times.

#4B Ball at the Wall

So if you don't have the magic circle you can also use just a small ball. Same thing, you want to put the ball in between your hip and the wall and just gently kind of push your hip into the ball. And that works very similar to the magic circle and that strengthens this outside leg.

#5 Bent Knee at the Wall

So another strengthener that I have for that outside leg is just stand with your shoulder touching the wall and the leg as close to the wall.

Bring it up and push that knee into the wall and as you're pushing that knee and shoulder into the wall you'll again start to feel the work on the outside of the hip. This is the hardest of all three.

#6 Side Steps with Theraband Loop

I knew you would miss that... So now I've taken the TheraBand and I placed it around my ankles. From here what you're going to do is you're going to step and bring it in.

Step over and bring it in. This is actually working both hips. So you'll take it over about three or four steps and then just take it back, stepping over and stepping in. Hold on to a countertop with this one.

So comment below and tell me how this video has helped you. Tell me how any of my videos on hip osteoarthritis has helped you or taught you something that you can do to help your day-to-day life. 

Yeah the book's about back pain but everything in it is very beneficial for someone who's experiencing hip arthritis, especially chapter number four. That's a fantastic exercise routine to do for someone with hip arthritis.

If you live in Austin, Call 512.215.4227 to book an appointment with one of our physical therapist. Stop by the studio and take one of our Pilates Reformer classes or our GYROTONIC® Tower classes. That's it for today guys and me and Stella are off. 

Y'all have a fantastic day.