What is Clinical Pilates Compared to Pilates

Are you looking to ease pain with pilates? Did you try a pilates class at the gym or the local studio and it just wasn't a good fit for you? Well, watch this video to learn more about clinical pilates and why you should be doing it to help with your nagging aches and pains.

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Have you been told to try pilates for your back pain but the experience didn't go quite like you expected?

Maybe that pilates instructor didn't really understand your condition, your injury, your diagnosis. Well, by the end of this video you'll know the difference between clinical pilates and typical pilates or classical pilates or authentic pilates... as it is often called and what would be the best for you.

My name is Stephen Dunn. I'm a Holistic Physical Therapist and I've helped thousands of people over my 20-plus year career as a physical therapist and I look forward to helping you as well.

Classical Pilates or Authentic Pilates

First I want to start talking about classical pilates or authentic pilates. Now classical or authentic pilates is the way pilates was created back in the early 1900s. It's the original flow.

It's the original sequence of exercises the way Joseph Pilates invented it and created it way back in the day, about 100 years ago. Is that method appropriate and should it still be around? Of course, yes but what it is not always appropriate for is someone who is injured with certain conditions.

What Is Clinical Pilates?

That's where I'm going to lead into what is clinical pilates? Clinical pilates is pilates that's led by a physical therapist. 

You take the knowledge of a physical therapist and the knowledge of a pilates instructor and you combine that together to provide a rehabilitative form of pilates to someone who has back pain, spinal stenosis, a herniated or bulged disc or whatever the situation might be.

With clinical pilates we can look at the person from a physical therapist's point of view and a pilates instructor's point of view and provide a treatment plan with exercise providing mind-body exercise to progress from a place of back pain and instability to a place of transformation to feeling better and taking on your daily task without pain.

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Thanks for watching guys and be on the lookout for our next video in our sequence on clinical pilates...