What Is Arthritis In The Hip

Now that you've seen your doctor and had the results of your imaging, what is hip arthritis? Watch this video to learn what osteoarthritis is and what options you have for treatment.

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So what are the signs and symptoms of hip osteoarthritis and what can I do about it? Well by the end of this video you'll have a better understanding of what you can do about it and what arthritis is. 

My name is Stephen Dunn. I'm a holistic physical therapist and I've helped hundreds of patients with this condition over my 20 plus years as a physical therapist and I look forward to helping you as well. 

What is Hip Arthritis? 

Well first of all arthritis means joint inflammation. So we're going to look at the pelvis here for a moment. We've got a pelvis and we've got a hip joint over here and we've got a hip joint here and basically, arthritis is a situation where the space of the hip and the acetabulum of the pelvis the hip bone here, the space where they have come together is irritated and inflamed. 

It's painful and tender and it's creating bone on bone and there's very little cartilage that's in between the space so there should be a little bit of space between there.

I'm going to exaggerate that space so you can see it and imagine that it's compressed and then as it's compressed you go to move... it creates pain, it creates crunching and sounds that are like that doesn't sound right and that's the condition of osteoarthritis and those are the symptoms that you'll see. 

You'll have difficulties getting up from a chair after sitting for long periods, you'll have difficulties getting out of bed after you've been sleeping, stiffness with walking. You can also have the hip refer pain to the groin, to the buttocks, even to the knee.

So the hip osteoarthritis is not always causing pain directly at the hip, so something to think about. There are many types of arthritis but osteoarthritis is the most common and it basically inflames and irritates the joints.

Treatments Options for Hip Arthritis

So what are the treatment options when you have osteoarthritis at the hip? Well, the primary goal is to enhance mobility and create mobility so that you're able to walk and get around, get in and out of the tub, in and out of the car, and things like that. 

When you're having trouble bending over to put your socks on when you're having trouble doing those things I just mentioned, it's time to start looking into getting some help.

Now if you go to the doctor they're going to prescribe medications, they're going to talk about surgeries like hip replacements or hip resurfacing. One of the best things you can do is do exercise and the person to see for that is a physical therapist,  doing stretches and doing the things to create space in that joint to not have it so compressed but create that space. 

We want to create space in the joint that's what we really want to do. So these are just some things to consider as you're on your journey into the osteoarthritis range. You got procedures like injections, you got medications, you got surgeries offered by the doctors.

You have exercise and you have specific programs from the physical therapist to get you as mobile and active as possible.

So comment below and tell me what you learned from this video about hip osteoarthritis and we'll see you in our next video in our series on hip osteoarthritis.

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