Ever Been Told You Are Out Of Alignment? The Quadratus Lumborum Could Be Tight [QL Anatomy Lesson]

Today we are going to discuss the QL in our next anatomy series blog… The QL sits next to the psoas and attaches to the lumbar spine, lower ribs and the pelvis (iliac crest). It is frequently imbalanced in my clients and one side is locked short and tight and the other is locked long and weak…

The video transcribed… The QL, the quadratus lumborum… we’re looking at it from behind here and it attaches from the rib to the pelvis. Now here we’re looking at it from behind and it’s shortened on the right side which we call locked short. Here we’re looking at it from the side and the right and then here it is shortened on the side and the right. Now we’re gonna watch a quick little video of the QL shorteningand this is something I commonly see where one side is tight and pulled up… when this happens it pulls the pelvis and rib closer together where there’s less space there and again that’s locked short and tight…

Stephen Dunn

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