CORE Therapy And Pilates Reviews 3 Common Reasons for Failed Back Surgeries

Are you concerned about back surgeries? In this video, I will reveal three common reasons why back surgery would fail. If you are trying to find ways to avoid having back surgeries please keep watching this video.

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Now, the three common reasons for failed back surgeries.

#1: The back pain is not the problem.

The back pain may be a consequence of something else such as your lifestyle, your body mechanics, or your pre-existing condition of lacking stability and endurance in your spine and your back. 

Therefore, if the actual cause is not being addressed, having a back surgery would only treat the symptoms but not the actual root cause and so eventually the back pain can come back.

#2: Back pain is not the only problem.

Sometimes a person having back pain can have associated problems in their hips, in their knees, in their ankles or foot. Or sometimes even problems from the top, like their neck and their upper back.

Therefore if the issues in other body areas are not being addressed, just having a surgery to treat the back pain would not solve the problem either.

#3: Lack of pre and post operation care.

Remember that the muscles around your back and your spine will lose at least 30 percent of its strength and endurance upon receiving a cut or the surgery.

So it's very important to seek pre and post operation care to make sure the muscles are getting stronger, the endurance are being improved, so that the success rate of having a surgery would be higher.

It's also worth noting that the biggest factor that could determine whether or not you are receiving a back surgery. 

It's not your age, it's not your work, it's in fact your zip code. Which means the provider you see can be the biggest factor and then you want to make sure you're finding a provider that can give you a thorough examination of your condition.

Ideally seeing a physical therapist beforehand to rule out if there are other issues happening in the other part of your body.

My name is Dr. Andy Tseng, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist as well as a Pilates instructor at CORE Therapy and Pilates down in Austin, Texas. My colleague and I have been working with quite a few clients with back pain and some of them already had back surgery.

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