Happy Chinese New Year from CORE Therapy and Pilates | Year of Tiger

Hi everyone. This is Andy from CORE. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner I would like to spend a little bit of time introduce that to you guys and also wish you guys a happy new year.

So traditionally Chinese people follow the lunar calendar and usually around late January, early February time is when the Chinese new year falls into. It's a very festive time for families to gather together and catch up and share meals and then that's probably one of my favorite holidays.

If you are a CORE client that has been coming here regularly you might have been noticing some of the paintings we hang at the back studio but then you might not know what those mean. So I would like to also spend a little bit time explaining that to you guys so that you guys would have a better understanding what those are. 

So on the first one you can see huang jin wan liang... it means 10 000 pieces of gold nuggets. It's a symbol of bringing in good fortune and luck.

On the second one, you can see 招財進寶 (zhao tsai jin bao) in a combination form which means bringing in good fortune and at the bottom you can see julie tranjat fugue pinghan still means bringing peace and good fortune to you and your family.

On the third one you can see the letter fu.

Fu means good fortune. Sometimes traditionally you can see people hanging this upside down like this to get the meaning of trying to get good fortune to come to our way but at CORE we wanted to put it the way it should be, instead of upside down because we certainly want good fortune to come our way but then we also want to acknowledge the support and the good fortune we already have. 

Especially for you guys that has been consistently supporting us for the past two years. So with this being said we are very grateful for the support from all of you guys and we will be here to continuously serve you. To help you get more active, fit and return to things you enjoy.

Lastly I want to say gomshi fatsai shin and kailu... happy new year to all of you guys. Have a great day.

Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist at CORE Therapy and Pilates
Andy is passionate about providing a holistic approach to help people in Austin stay active and fit. He has a special interest in helping musicians perform more freely and comfortably. To better serve his patients, he acquired his manual therapy certification (MTC) through USAHS in 2018, and he is in the process of becoming a certified hand therapist. He also completed his Comprehensive Pilates and pre-/post-natal training through Core Pilates NYC, and became a certified classical Pilates instructor in 2019.
"Andy" Chin-Hueng Tseng