Case Study: Chronic Knee Pain Relieved With 1 Month of Hands-On Physical Therapy…

Hey Guys. It’s Stephen here. I wanted to do a quick video and go over a case study that I had this week. One of my clients is an actual Pilates and GYROTONIC® Instructor and she teaches at another studio in town, and she has chronic knee pain.

When she first started coming to see me, she couldn’t stand to teach over the Pilates reformer or the Gyrotonic tower for more than about 10 minutes without her knee pain starting to bother her.

So, what happened was, she came in for some Physical Therapy treatment and we did some manual therapy. She learned some very specific home exercises to do, as well as some things to progress with in her own Pilates and Gyrotonic practice.

And within the matter of about two months, she was able to stand for about an hour without pain. And then after about the fourth month, she was back to standing for five hours at a time, without any pain at all. So, she was able to go back to teaching, making a living without pain, without issues.

As a by-product of this, it allowed her to get back to doing more physical activity. It allowed her to get back to doing some cardio, some things that were basically getting left behind because of the chronic knee pain.

So, about four months of treatment, about a month of manual therapy and in about three months of home program, and we got to a point where she was doing fantastic.

It’s a great case study of someone with chronic knee pain coming in, She had been told by the doctor she needed surgery, been told by the doctor to rest and what I told her was, “Let’s get moving. Let’s get this thing healing.” And here we are at the end of things… at a much better place. The goals have been met and she is happy and moving forward.

I just wanted to share that case study with you all today. And if you’re having trouble with your knees, then give us a call. Leave any comments in the comments below. Any questions, and I’ll be sure to answer them.

Take care.

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