Arch Support Flip Flops Mens

Its Stephen Dunn from CORE Therapy and Pilates. I want to come on today to tell you about something new we are offering in the studio. 

We just became wholesalers for a brand new company that I have come across recently called Archies. They are basically Archies arch support flip flops. I’m pretty excited about this because we will be selling them here at the studio.

I have been telling people for my entire career to not wear flip flops for a couple reasons. The main reason was the lack of arch support in any of the flip flops out there. Even those that advertised having arch support really didn’t when I tried them out.

The other thing about flip flops is when you walk with them you have to scrunch your toes down to keep them from flying off of your foot. That is one of the main reasons that promotes muscle imbalances in the feet and those are the two main reasons I don’t recommend flip flops.

The last 15 years I have worn Chacos for the exact reason that I just discussed. So I can keep my toes extended with walking instead of scrunched down. I got my new Archies in and I’ve been wearing them for a couple of days now.

Getting them out of the box here and I’ve really, really enjoyed them so far. There are a couple things I want to go over. They have a tremendous arch support that most flips flops just do not have. These are designed by a physical therapist for the arch support. 

This band of the thong is tight and causes a tight fit on your feet and it’s not going to slip off when you are walking.

You can walk with your toes extended and not having to flex your toes down. The things that I have always talked about not getting flip flops… these address them in a way that I kind of like so far. I've been wearing them for about two days now so I am still new to it.

I have been wearing them all day today and yesterday. So far I like them quite a bit. I am not used to wearing flip flops because I haven’t worn them in 15 years so the whole idea of the thong in between my toes is still kind of strange.

Other than that I am off to a good start. We have these in black here, red, pink, blue, navy and all kind of colors. They are $35 and so its a very good price.

I want to recommend these arch support flip flops. If you have any questions put them below and I would be happy to answer it. Stop by the studio and get your $35 flip flops. Its officially flip flop season here in Texas.

It is hot and humid out there. Get your flips flops from us and your feet will thank you later. Y’all take care and have a fantastic day… See y’all soon!