What is Pilates? Pilates Is… Pilates Is Not… Do Pilates at CORE Therapy and Pilates

Hey guys! What’s up CORE family? It’s Stephen Dunn with CORE Therapy and Pilates and today I just wanted to go over something that I read in a book recently that I think it’s very appropriate to kind of summarize what Pilates is, as well as what Pilates is not, and so I’m going to start off with what Pilates is. Pilates is an exercise method. It is a philosophy, it is strengthening. Pilates is balancing, it is mindful, it’s anaerobic. Pilates is articulating and isotonic and it is a constant in your life, well it should be.

Pilates is not a team sport, it is not a trend, it’s not a weight management system, it is not competitive, it is not repetitive or fast, it’s not aerobic. There is no cardio Pilates. It is not isometric and it is not an occasional affair. It’s something that takes commitment.

I wanted to go over that with y’all I was reading this book called Survival Skills for the Pilates Teachers. I just thought it was a very interesting thing because what I see happening in the trends in the Pilates world is that it’s becoming more Fitness based, it’s becoming more cardio based, it’s becoming more high-energy. I walked out here because we have our class about the start in a minute. It’s funny because the girl that just came in was her first time in class (at CORE) and my instructor asked her about her Pilates experience. She said “I do Pilates but it’s more cardio-based.” Well that’s really not Pilates and the way that it was originally taught and the way that we teach it. I just wanted to share that with you today it was kind of perfect timing to hear that. So that’s my message for today if you have any comments put them below. If you need to reach out to us our number is 512.215.4227 the website is www.TherapyAndPilates.com

All right guys y’all take care and we see you soon studio. Bye now.

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