What is Physical Therapy? Stephen Dunn, Owner of CORE Therapy & Pilates Answers. Part 1 of 3

What are the benefits of Physical Therapy and what is Physical Therapy? 

Well, the first thing I like to say here at CORE is that we help people stay active and fit and moving away from pain pills and surgery to a healthy lifestyle. 

It's more about the transformation that we make with people than the physical therapy. We use physical therapy to take people that are in pain and in dysfunction and recovering from surgery and get them back to doing the things that they love to do. 

Whether that's exercise. 

Whether that's picking up their kids. 

Whether that's playing golf. 

Whatever that fun is for you, that thing that it is for you that you want to get back to doing. 

So physical therapy is a form of healthcare that is designed to treat the musculoskeletal system but that's the wordy stuff that we're not that interested in. 

My name is Stephen Dunn. I'm a holistic physical therapist. That's our message for today guys we look forward to getting to know you here at CORE...

Stephen Dunn