What is a Physical Therapy Discovery Session at CORE? What is the Plan of Care?

Hey guys Happy Friday, It’s a beautiful day here in Austin, Texas today… ACL festival second weekend is starting up.

Today I wanted to go over a quick question that I’ve got recently… We offer what’s called a free physical therapy discovery session and someone asked “What is a physical therapy discovery session and what should I expect In that discovery session?” So I just want to go over that a little bit…

With our discovery sessions, they are about 20-30 minutes long and what they are is it’s a basic Q&A with the physical therapists, me or the other therapist Allyson. What we do in that time is we do an evaluation to find out what’s going on. We look at the mobility, we look at the posture and we get an understanding of what the problem is, what the diagnosis is and then we come up with a plan based on how we can help solve that problem. Then the plan is set up. Maybe we were gonna see you for 4 physical therapy visits and then we’re gonna have you work with our Pilates/Gyrotonic instructor for two months because we know it takes two months to re-educate the multifidus, and the transverse abdominus, from the evidence.

So we’re gonna do a funnel of seeing the Physical Therapist up top of the funnel for four or five visits typically, then seeing the trainer for personal training and then after five or six visits with that they typically will join into a group class and so it’s really a funnel of taking people from a situation of pain and dysfunction to a point of feeling better to a point of improving their strength and posture for a long-term relief and injury prevention. So in the discovery session we just lay all that out and discuss that plan. And the reason I’m also going over this today is and I’m getting several clients that they’ve gone through the first phase of the plan, the first month which is the three or four or five sessions of physical therapy, but they’re not continuing with the plan and doing the strength training and then they’re judging whether or not this helped off of the first month when I’ve discussed a three month plan with them from the get-go.

So the discovery session is to discuss this plan of care so everyone understands exactly what they’re getting into and the plan is based on their specific needs after the evaluation is done. So with that we can determine what’s the best course of action and really it’s about ‘Are we A good fit for each other’ and if we’re a good fit for each other, then we’d like to move forward But again if someone comes in and does two or three hands on manual therapy sessions, and they feel better but they don’t complete the whole plan, the pain is gonna come back and they’re gonna be judging the plan based on only completing 30% of it…

So that’s all I got for you today a little bit about our physical therapy discovery sessions and what we do in those discovery sessions and how we lay out the plan of care moving forward…

Take care

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Co-Owner / Physical Therapist at CORE Therapy and Pilates
Stephen graduated with a Masters in Physical Therapy in 1998 from LSUMC in New Orleans and is a licensed physical therapist in Texas since 2004. Immediately interested in hands-on therapy, he began to study with Brian Mulligan and became certified in the Maitland Australian Approach in 2003. Stephen has since studied the fascial system through John F Barnes Myofascial Release. Stephen completed a comprehensive Pilates training in 2002 and the GYROTONIC Expansion System® in 2009. The combined treatment of manual therapy with mind-body awareness exercises using Pilates and Gyrotonic concepts was the start of his whole-body treatment approach.
Stephen Dunn