Sitting is the New Smoking and is the Biggest Cause of Back Pain

So I was watching a basketball over the weekend, sitting on the bleachers. And I overheard a mom complaining that her back hurts. And then she stood up, walked away and watched another game.

This is actually the most common complaint we’ve heard at CORE. Let’s talk about what are the biggest causes of back pain.

Sitting in fact is the biggest cause of a backache.  Sitting is the new smoking.

If somebody sits more than six hours a day it would actually equal to smoking one pack of cigarettes. Did you know that more calories per hour are burnt chewing gum than sitting.

Westlake moms sit at least 8 hours a day. Also sitting weakens your bones, your muscles and your mood. No good.

Some tips on sitting less.  Park further away. Choose the stairs over the elevators and remember to take frequent walking breaks.

I am Andy Tseng, Physical therapist at CORE Therapy and Pilates.

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